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Tag: homophobia

French ref praised for stopping match over homophobic banners

The French league has promised to crack down on homophobic chanting this season which has already seen a second-tier match between Nancy and Le Mans interrupted.

Australia unveils religious freedom bill after Israel Folau fiasco

Australia’s attorney-general says the current anti-discrimination laws do now go far enough.

Homophobia rising in European countries with no same-sex marriage

Most European countries have seen a rise in acceptance of same-sex relationships where same-sex marriage is legal.

Israel Folau’s social media accounts vanish ahead of court hearing

Checks on Israel Folau’s Twitter and Instagram accounts show they are no longer active.

Australia’s Folau launches legal action over homophobia sacking

Previous reports put the compensation figure at A$10 million, including for lost sponsorship and marketing opportunities, a sum that could prove disastrous for Rugby Australia.

Lebanese church demands cancellation of Mashrou’ Leila show

The group, which has an openly gay vocalist, have stirred controversy in the region with their songs' lyrics tackling oppression, classism, sectarianism and homophobia.

Polish bishops accuse Ikea of ‘LGBT indoctrination’

The bishops congratulates the man sacked for posting a homophobic comment in the Ikea's internal site for his ‘courage’ in defending his faith.

Rugby Australia slams Folau ‘media campaign’ after leaked letter

Rugby Australia lashes out at Israel Folau for disrupting the sport after an explosive letter accusing the governing body of leaking details of his code of conduct hearing was made public.

2 women injured in UK homophobic attack ‘for refusing to kiss’

Thugs punched and robbed two women in a homophobic assault on a London bus as media reported that they were left covered in blood after refusing their attackers' demands to kiss.

Thou shalt not march: S.Korean conservatives denounce Pride

In recent times, activists say believers have found a new enemy: sexual minorities.

Courts beckon as Folau ponders appeal against sacking

Former Wallabies coach turned radio presenter Alan Jones says Folau will bring his case to court.

Folau says it would be ‘Satan’s work’ to back down in...

Folau says Satan offers one stuff that could look good to the eye and makes you feel comfortable.

West Indies’ Gabriel sorry for Root ‘do you like boys?’ sledge

Root tells Gabriel there is nothing wrong with being gay.

Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ accused of fat-shaming, homophobia

The story is about overweight teen Patty, who is bullied incessantly until an accident she's involved in requires her jaw be wired shut - resulting in significant weight loss.

England’s Stokes mimicked gay men with ‘camp gestures’

According to doorman Andrew Cunningham, Ben Stokes mocked the voices of William O'Connor and Kai Barry.

FIFA probes chants by Mexico fans for homophobia

Mexico fans have long shouted an insult that gay rights groups argue is homophobic at keepers taking goal kicks.

Anything you want except LGBT+ rights, Uzbekistan tells UN

Uzbekistan remains staunchly opposed to decriminalising homosexual activity.

Rippon olive branch to Pence over Olympic gay controversy

This after the openly gay skater criticised the choice of Pence as leader of the US delegation to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Finding refuge in Russia’s first LGBT shelter

A pioneering LGBT shelter just outside Moscow has provided much comfort to many troubled people.

Jakim, Perak Mufti winners at 5th ‘Aiyoh Wat Lah!’ Awards

Other notables figures and bodies that received awards were former law minister Nancy Shukri, the Court of Appeals and JAIS.

Only ignoramuses applaud killings, says Marina

Referring to the Florida Massacre, activist asks why turn a criminal case into a case against Muslims.