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Dr M rejects calls for Azmin to go on leave

The prime minister says the economic affairs minister will not hinder investigations into viral gay sex videos.

Sex, succession and stability

Powerful people are determined to keep Anwar out of Putrajaya at all cost. It's time for Mahathir to go beyond verbal assurance.

Zuraida to push for Haziq’s sacking

The PKR veep also ticks off her party for not giving the Santubong youth chief the boot after his admission to being involved in a gay romp at a hotel.

Show me the sex clips, says Dr M as videos make...

The videos in question show two men apparently having sexual intercourse.

AIDS workers regret PPBM man’s ‘ignorance’

The disease hits across all sexual orientations, say activists in response to Noor Azmi Ghazali's anti-LGBT remarks in Parliament.

Gay parenting ‘boot camp’ moves to Asia to meet growing demand...

Socially conservative attitudes prevail across most of Asia where Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei outlaw sexual relations between men.

Singapore may tighten adoption law after gay father adopted son

A court in 2017 rejected an initial bid by the man, who is in a homosexual relationship with a partner, to legally adopt his son.

Boys pick up gay habits from boarding schools, says Jakim officer

There has been a spike in the number of homosexuals and transgenders in Malaysia, a seminar on LGBT is told.

Romania’s constitutional court backs rights for gay couples

Romania is a very conservative country where most people are members of the Orthodox Church, and only legalised homosexuality at the beginning of the 2000s.

Singapore diplomat urges repeal of ‘antiquated’ gay sex law

While affluent Singapore boasts a modern and vibrant culture, official attitudes toward homosexuality remain conservative.

No way we’ll recognise gay rights in Malaysia, says Dr M

The prime minister responds to Suhakam's call for an end to discriminatory laws against the LGBT community.

Santa Clara is Che’s city but also Cuba’s gay haven

Even conservative voters in Caibarien say they 'prefer a queer leader to a thief'.

`Pink dollar’ to boost India’s economy after gay sex legalised

Until the ruling last week, gay sex in India was outlawed by Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, which was first enacted in 1860.

Indian press lauds gay sex ruling but Modi’s govt stays silent

Rights activists around the world gave Twitter support to the Supreme Court ruling but Prime Minister Narendra Modi's right-wing govt has yet to make a comment on the ruling.

Veteran Singapore diplomat calls for gay community to challenge sex ban

A veteran diplomat wants Singapore's gay community to challenge a law that bans gay sex in the conservative city-state.

The progressives must lead, not be led

Here's some food for thought: If we cane a homosexual a hundred times, would the act of caning turn that homosexual into a heterosexual?

No, we are not LGBT-friendly, says Putrajaya

Mujahid Yusof Rawa says the government shares concerns on the spread of the LGBT culture.

IIT’s elite engineers leading a challenge to India’s homosexuality ban

You can't even talk about this to a psychiatrist. You don't know how they will react.

‘I am gay’ protests as China bans ‘homosexual’ content on Weibo

The three-month campaign will also tackle "violent video games, like 'Grand Theft Auto'," Weibo said on the official account of its administrators.

University forum to ‘convert’ LGBT students draws criticism

Transgender rights group Justice for Sisters says forum sends the wrong message that LGBT people can be changed and that LGBT is a form of sickness.

Court affirms Khairy must pay RM150,000 in damages to Anwar

Court of Appeal allows application by Anwar to strike out Umno Youth chief's notice of appeal as 'ambiguous and uncertain'.

Not sure if you’re a gay?

The Malay-daily lists out what it thinks are tell-tale signs of one's sexual orientation.

Transgender activist hits back at ‘outrageous’ stand of Muslim NGO

Nisha Ayub says I-Medik's stand shows its focus is not on preventing HIV spread but preventing gender and sexual affiliations.

‘Measures against homosexuality needed to fight AIDS’

NGO I-Medik adds that staff from the health ministry have never shown prejudice in their work among HIV and AIDS-infected patients from the LGBT community.