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Tag: horses

I sulk more than Hasmah, PM says

In a radio interview with Hot FM, Malaysia's prime minister admits that he is more emotionally expressive than his wife.

Queen Elizabeth spends an equestrian day in western England

Queen Elizabeth indulged her love of horse racing with a visit to the stables of trainer Paul Nicholls.

War horses: Syria’s Arabian beauties plod way to recovery

As the Syrian Civil War comes to an end, the chance for the country's equine population to recover has come.

Harry and Meghan wrap up Morocco visit with tea ceremony hosted...

The couple's trip focuses on initiatives to promote girl's education, women's empowerment, and bringing disabled people into the mainstream.

Long way home as Przewalski’s horses fly to Mongolia

The ancient species has narrowly avoided extinction thanks to breeding programmes at zoos worldwide and is now gradually being re-introduced to a wildlife reserve in its original homeland.

Bulgaria opens investigation after scores of horses found dead or dying

Around 70 horses were found dead, while those which were alive were in critical condition.

Quinoa vs rice in GE14: The empire strikes back

Eric See-To digs up issues of rearing horses and alleged beer drinking by certain opposition leaders to say it is they who are not in tune with the people’s hardship, not the PM.

‘Beasts of war’: Afghanistan’s buzkashi horses prepare for battle

Whether their value is real or fantasy, the steep price for a buzkashi horse translates into respect for the owner because it symbolises wealth and power.

Man reports car dented by snakes, police baffled

But after investigations, it turns out he meant 'kuda' and not 'ular' were to be blamed.