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Radio recording reveal Russia bombed 4 Syrian hospitals

Russia destroyed the medical facilities in a 12 hour period.

Lack of outcry over slow poisoning by the haze is astonishing

Malaysians appear to have accepted the annual haze exported by Indonesia and the indiscriminate logging of forests which will have long-term consequences.

Hospitals brace for more patients as haze worsens

Deputy minister advises those with respiratory diseases to stay home or wear masks when going outside.

Bangladesh struggles with worst dengue fever outbreak

More than 17,000 Bangladeshis have been diagnosed with dengue fever in 2019, described as the country's deadliest outbreak. 

Hong Leong, TPG said in advanced talks for Asian hospitals

The deal could value the hospital business at US$1.2 billion.

Too many govt hands in the healthcare pie

A campaigner fears the rise of a two-tier system where only the rich can afford good healthcare because of the conflict of interests arising from the government's involvement in private healthcare.

Govt hospitals to tie up with private clinics

Health minister says the move will indirectly reduce waiting time at government hospitals.

MMA: Have healthcare insurance plan before using private hospital facilities

MMA president Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim says this will allow the government to come up with proper financing and also allow both parties to agree on charges for the use of private hospital facilities.

No scope for graft in MySalam insurance scheme, says Guan Eng

Finance minister stresses that the money will go directly to the patient.

Set up National Cancer Fund, urges Charles Santiago

Klang MP wants government to “force” a reduction in price of some costly drugs and to provide money to this fund to help low-income earners fight cancer.

MMA highlights security concerns after man sets himself on fire

The Malaysian Medical Association says healthcare professionals are becoming increasingly subject to abuse.

Private centres okay to take patients from govt hospitals if the...

A healthcare provider responds to a proposal by a former government health official for private hospitals to help tackle overcrowding at government hospitals.

Housemanship issue: Students’ attitude aggravates problem, say doctors

They agree that many students are reluctant to be posted at rural hospitals because they do not want to leave their comfort zones.

Housemen must know their rights, says deputy health DG

Dr Azman Abu Bakar says it is not true that the fate of housemen lies in the hands of specialists and medical officers alone.

On hospital cleaners, contracts and benefits

Most cost breakdowns of cleaning contracts do not include the provision of paid annual and medical leave.

In Venezuela’s hospitals, eat at your own risk

The National Hospital Survey said 96% of Venezuela's hospitals fail to feed their patients adequately, or do not feed them at all.

Hospital ordered to pay RM735,000 over death of retired doctor

The victim's husband says the intention of his suit is to send a message to hospitals and doctors that every life in their hands deserves their unstinting professionalism.

Survey: Majority of junior docs bullied, some considered suicide

Nearly 80% of respondents say they have been bullied, with 71% saying their experiences would constitute 'symptomatic bullying'.

Long-delayed new Tanjong Karang hospital ready by 2020

150-bed hospital will offer nine specialist services as well as emergency and general medicine.

Bring in MACC, medical body says on supply monopoly expose

The Malaysian Medical Association says if the allegations are true, the monopoly would certainly have raised the cost of healthcare.

Think tank lauds move to bring healthcare to rural areas

Galen Centre CEO Azrul Mohd Khalib says rural patients now have to travel long distances to seek treatment for chronic diseases such as cancer, causing them financial hardship.

MMA calls for more training hospitals, houseman slots

More posts for housemen will allow new doctors to be placed more quickly, says MMA chief Ravindran Naidu.

Some suggestions for our new health minister

Ensure the independence of the Malaysian Medical Council, overhaul hospital infrastructure, and relook human resource distribution, among others.

Pharmacists want better, more inclusive healthcare system

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society says new PH government should be given a chance to implement its vision for a better healthcare system.