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Fomca rejects lower threshold for foreign property buyers

The umbrella group for consumers associations says RM600,000 is small money for Singapore and Hong Kong buyers.

Buyers want rent-to-own scheme to cover homes lower than RM300,000

National Home Buyers Association says if price is lowered to RM300,000, more than 30,000 will be eligible to buy the homes.

Allow direct transfer from EPF for 10% downpayment, says real estate...

Rehda president says at present buyers have to find the money elsewhere to pay the downpayment.

Critics warn against home loans for blacklisted PTPTN borrowers

Economist Carmelo Ferlito says the government is sending mixed signals on financial literacy while Gemphar's Salkukhairi Abd Sukor says those listed on CCRIS don't have good credit records.

Slight uptick in property sales but no reprieve for the overcommitted,...

Chartered surveyor Ernest Cheong says stock market woes are compounding the problems of those who bought multiple properties and can't rent them out or sell them.

Penang exempts approval fees for property purchased at expo

State housing exco Jagdeep Singh Deo says this is meant to stimulate the housing industry in the state.

Guan Eng: What’s wrong with giving Penang people priority in housing?

The Penang chief minister says it is only right for the state government to care for its own citizens first.

PSM dares banks to prove it wrong on oppressive contracts

PSM says the Deed of Assignment clearly states that the bank can begin the foreclosure procedure on a property without prior notice.

Don’t relax guidelines on foreigners buying property, says HBA

National House Buyers Association says speculators who bought properties they couldn't afford should get no sympathy and deserve to be 'burnt'.

‘No acute housing woes if govt had used its lands for...

Saying government land shouldn't be sold for commercial development, veteran property man adds its not too late to redevelop buildings such as Pudu Sentral and Keramat Mall into public housing.

Lax enforcement causing buyers of new projects to suffer

Monitoring mechanisms are in place to help authorities diagnose symptoms of failing housing projects, says house buyers association

Housing ministry’s extension of time on projects “irrational”

House Buyers Association says not government’s job to save money for developers at expense of innocent buyers.

Protecting the rights of housebuyers

High Court verdict does not erode the developer's interests as it only aims to protect buyers who are the weaker and more easily exploited lot in the market.

Waive stamp duty, developer’s association urges Putrajaya

The Real Estate and Housing Developers Association says developers are already affected by GST.

Delays are developers’ responsibility, says Rehda

The Real Estate and Housing Developers Association also urges developers to plan their projects ahead to avoid delays in delivery.

Court rules minister’s order for extension of time invalid

Court finds that what the minister told the developer to do went against housing laws.

Time to review Housing Development Act

Act grossly overlooks consumers' rights by allowing developers to nullify or amend any section of the sales and purchase agreement without informing buyers.

5-year freeze on PR1MA resale too short, says consumer group

House Buyers Association fears 'ugly head of speculation' will resurface with reduced moratorium, and goes against the original PR1MA objectives.

Budget 2017: House buyers group wants more affordable homes

Putrajaya should introduce policies to prevent real estate speculators from accumulating multiple properties.

‘6pc interest on developer loans still a burden’

National House Buyer Association asks why ministry was so gung-ho about developers giving out such loans.

Intervene and bring down house prices, HBA tells govt

National House Buyers' Association (HBA) Secretary-General Chang Kim Loong says the government must put a stop to developers calling the shots and dictating prices.

Developers are not Ah Long, says ex-Rehda president

Rehda Past President Ng Seing Liong says housing developers prefer to use any money they have to build more homes instead of going into the moneylending business as suggested by Minister Noh Omar.