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Housemanship issue: Students’ attitude aggravates problem, say doctors

They agree that many students are reluctant to be posted at rural hospitals because they do not want to leave their comfort zones.

Kementerian kesihatan perlu peruntukan lebih, kata Dzulkefly

Dr Dzulkefly berkata kementerian juga akan beri perhatian serius terhadap isu kebajikan serta beban kerja kakitangan profesional perubatan.

Call temporary halt to new medical programmes, urges analyst

Penang Institute analyst says the shortfall in housemanship placements will continue increasing if the government does not set a cap on the number of accredited medical programmes offered.

SPM BM is not about the Chinese

Medical graduate says having to take SPM BM could delay entry into housemanship by 2 years, that is half the time to obtain the medical degree itself.

What’s so difficult about studying BM?

Writer says Chinese Malaysians must stop making a big fuss over something that has long been incorporated into our social contract and accepted as the norm.

Pass in SPM BM a must for trainee doctors

Health minister says cabinet made this decision after his briefing today.

Miscommunication over BM proficiency issue triggers controversy

Any medical graduate wanting to serve here must realise that they will be in a predominantly BM-speaking work environment, serving a large ratio of Malay patients.

‘Give priority to absorbing local medical grads for housemanship’

UPM dean says thousands of medical graduates are looking for placement this year alone.

Graduan perubatan terkejut arahan ‘kembali ke sekolah’, lulus BM

Mengikut arahan dikeluarkan, graduan perubatan perlu lulus BM peringkat SPM untuk diterima menganggotai jawatan tetap kerajaan.

Medical grads told to sit for 6 core SPM subjects, pass...

Public Service Commission will not accept medical graduates' O-Level BM or Bahasa Kebangsaan A (BKA) qualifications for housemanship placements.

DAP mahu Putrajaya selesai segera isu ‘housemanship’, lebihan doktor

Kulasegaran berkata, Kementerian Kesihatan tidak berupaya untuk menyediakan penyelesaian jangka pendek dan jangka panjang yang berkesan untuk menyelesaikan masalah tersebut.

Kula: Eliminate long wait for housemanship once and for all

DAP vice-chairman takes health ministry’s deputy director-general to task for reportedly claiming local graduates only need wait for three months for housemanship posting.

Ministry’s claim about houseman training dismissed as nonsense

An anonymous houseman says she had to wait 11 months before getting a job offer.

Junior doctors trapped in catch-22 predicament

Unemployment is high among medical graduates because housemanship training is only provided by accredited government and university hospitals and places are scarce.

Counselling to help trainee doctors cope with stress

Health ministry says every year, 20% to 30% of medical graduates can't complete their housemanship in two years due to stress at the workplace.

Contract terms only for new government doctors

With oversupply of medical graduates, only some doctors will qualify for permanent employment following 5 years of contract service, says health ministry official.

Ministry mulls options to prevent delay in housemanship placement

Health Minister S Subramaniam says there are too many medical students awaiting housemanship placement in government hospitals.

Over 2,000 still awaiting housemanship postings

Deputy Health Minister cites the rising number of local and foreign graduates as among the major reasons for the delay.

Doctors: What’s next after houseman contracts end?

Cautious welcome to 'stop-gap' government scheme for medical graduates to get jobs in public hospitals.

Military hospitals to take in housemen next year

First 30-40 medical graduates to be posted to KL, Malacca and Lumut military hospitals

Ministry ready to place housemen with armed forces

Health minister in welcoming the proposal says it will be discussed to see how it can be implemented soonest.

Medical students can do housemanship with armed forces

ATM chief says armed forces hospitals and medical centres are well equipped and are good training hospitals.

Medical grads awaiting housemanship free to work elsewhere

Minister of Health Dr S Subramaniam says they can work elsewhere as long as their jobs are "ethically right and not against the rules."

‘Allow medical grads to serve in other ministries’

This can be a solution to the problem of medical graduates having to wait a long time to serve in hospitals and many dropping out, says Deputy Health DG (Medical) Dr S Jeyaindran.