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Hong Kong relaxes mortgage rules to aid first-time home buyers

New property policy is seen as a measure to quell public discontent that fuelled unrest.

Singapore apartment sales jump despite slower price growth

Prices increased 0.9% in 3 months ending Sept 30 versus 1.5% in second quarter.

States can set own limit on property for foreigners, says Zuraida

Housing minister says state governments could re-examine the price threshhold in view of their own situation.

Allowing foreigners to buy homes for less makes sense, says Rehda

The nation's largest property developer group says the money can be ploughed back into affording housing.

List out those condos for foreigners, says Johari

Former second finance minister says transparency is needed to ensure property developers do not abuse the system.

Zuraida, Guan Eng under fire over property threshhold

The Association of Victims of Abandoned Properties Malaysia says the ministers' remarks give the impression that the government is disjointed.

New foreigner house price idea was from finance ministry, says Zuraida

The housing minister says the budget proposal to lower the threshhold to RM600,000 was not from her ministry.

High density living has its benefits, says expert

An executive of Singapore's Housing and Development Board gives an insight into how his country plans dense neighbourhoods.

My Second Home for all foreign buyers, not just China, says...

The housing and local government minister says representatives from the ministries involved will be meeting to discuss the next step.

Minister tells City Hall to find home for former clock tower...

Khalid Samad acts after reading FMT story.

Zuraida urged to let developers handle their high-end glut

National House Buyers Association says the government should focus on affordable housing.

HK leader to prioritise housing, livelihoods to appease protesters

Hong Kong has some of the world's most expensive real estate, with the youth saying the housing policy benefits the rich.

Minister wants to take Home Ownership Campaign to China, HK

Housing and Local Government Minister says she is considering a campaign to get people in China and Hong Kong to buy unsold higher-end properties in Malaysia.

Ex-housing minister urges Putrajaya not to stop PPR scheme

Abdul Rahman Dahlan says the rental apartment scheme for the poor helps ensure they can get a home.

It’s population growth that drives the property market

There is a mismatch between affordability and homes being built and offered today.

New ‘coliving’ housing option popular in New York

Millennials opt for cheaper housing with the opportunity to be part of a community, and Quarters 'coliving' is doing just that.

Singapore rich kids end up with penthouses as parents skirt tax

Singaporean families seek to work around cooling measures, including raised stamp duties on second and third homes, by buying properties for their children.

The government needs financial literacy, too

We are so foolishly obsessed with more Malaysians holding university degrees for prestige reasons that we overlook the economic and sustainability aspects of university education.

RM34 million to resume work on second-generation Felcra houses

Economic Affairs minister Azmin Ali also pledges to settle an outstanding RM21 million payment to Felcra co-op.

Investing in one property motivates the purchase of the next

Owning one property highly motivates the purchase of another one.

Understanding the link between property prices and location

When scouting for a home to buy, remember that the property is always more affordable the further it is away from the city centre or other high-demand areas.

Migration of Ibans to Kuching city on the rise, says Sarawak...

The state government has been looking into ways to provide affordable houses for the Iban community in the city.

Rethink affordable housing strategy, think tank tells Putrajaya

IDEAS moots lesser government involvement in the construction of low-cost homes and more relaxed requirements.

Raise salaries of lower-ranked police, says IGP

When they don’t get the just rewards, the tendency to commit crime is wide open, says national police chief.