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Tag: Huawei Technologies

Huawei, China Mobile may tie up to bid for Brazil’s Oi

China Mobile files a request to operate in Brazil, acquiring Oi.

Huawei CFO awakens Canadians to long, strong arm of China

Trudeau refuses to interfere in Meng's extradition, leaving it to the law.

China warns India of ‘reverse sanctions’ if Huawei is blocked

A potential row over Huawei could revive tensions between India and China just as the two sides have been making high-level efforts to ensure their long-standing territorial disputes do not escalate.

China sentences another Canadian man to death amid Huawei feud

A feud between China and Canada has extended after Canadian Fan Wei received the death sentence for his methamphetamine business deals.

Huawei Q1 revenue grows 39% to US$27 billion amid heightened US...

The Chinese firm, which is also the world's No. 3 smartphone maker, said last week the number of contracts it has won to provide 5G telecoms gear increased further despite the US campaign.

German spies said to dismiss Trump threats over China’s Huawei

The US embassy in Berlin said that the presence of “untrusted vendors,” including Chinese equipment, compromises sensitive lines of communication among allies.

China threat to telecoms cited in EU Parliament draft resolution

The European Parliament plans to protect the next generation network, 5G from potential cybersecurity threats by Chinese telcos.

Huawei goes on legal warpath with twin US lawsuits

Huawei Technologies intends to file a lawsuit claiming the US government is overstepping by banning Huawei equipment from certain networks.

Ahead of US legal assault, Huawei plays offence to win allies

In the short span since Meng Wanzhou’s Dec 1 arrest, Huawei transforms from besieged target to unapologetic champion of telecommunications security.

Samsung, Huawei double down on Apple’s high-price strategy

Apple’s rivals co-opted the company’s strategy of squeezing more cash out of stagnating unit sales, pushing the price of some phones well above what many would pay for a laptop computer.

Apple’s iPhone shipments plunge in China as Huawei tightens grip

Smartphone labels from Apple to Samsung Electronics are contending with a plateauing global market after years of breakneck growth.

Australia spy chief says 5G risks high, in nod to China...

Huawei had offered Canberra access to its technology to satisfy security concerns, while it also argued the company structure hadn't changed since it was allowed to supply equipment to Australia's 4G network.

China’s Huawei slams Australia 5G mobile network ban as “politically motivated”

The ban signals a hardening of Australia's stance toward its biggest trading partner at a time when relations between the two have soured over Canberra's allegations of Chinese meddling in its politics.

China angered at new US defence act, to assess content

China's complaints about the act come as the world's two biggest economies engage in an increasingly bitter fight over trade, levying tariffs on each others' products.

US Democratic candidates told not to use ZTE, Huawei devices

The Democratic National Committee warned party candidates running in November elections not to use devices made by Chinese telecommunications companies ZTE Corp and Huawei Technologies because they pose a security risk.

Huawei overtakes Apple as world No. 2 smartphone seller, gains ground...

Huawei on Tuesday said overall it had raked in 15% higher revenue in the first six months of 2018, steady at levels seen a year ago.

China’s Huawei rebuts Australian security concerns amid Sino-Canberra tensions

Australia is likely to ban Huawei from participating in a 5G mobile telecommunications roll-out in the nation as it fears the company is de facto controlled by China and sensitive infrastructure will fall into the hands of Beijing.