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Tag: Huawei

Huawei’s 9-month revenue soars to US$86.2 bil despite US ban

The tech giant attributes its success to its focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices.

EU hints at Huawei risk in 5G security assessment

The EU and US view the Chinese mobile giant as a facilitation of cyber espionage by the Chinese government.

China accuses US of ‘looking for excuse’ to meddle in internal...

Tech blacklist US' latest salvo in its trade war with Beijing.

Canadian police illegally shared info on Huawei exec, say lawyers

Defence team claims 'covert criminal investigations on behalf of FBI' includes unlawful sharing of Meng Wanzhou's phone details.

Maxis sedia tawar perkhidmatan 5G tahun depan

Maxis Bhd dan Huawei Technologies Malaysia meterai perjanjian yang disaksikan perdana menteri hari ini.

Maxis hopes to roll out 5G service by second half of...

It inks deal with Huawei to provide the service.

Huawei CFO’s lawyers seeking documents to prove her rights were violated

If the documents prove Canadian officials abused their authority, Meng’s extradition proceedings should be halted.

Motorola’s foldable smartphone reportedly coming before year’s end

Telco giant plans to give its highly-popular Razr model a retro flair.

Russia rolls out red carpet for Huawei over 5G

Huawei is the biggest investor in the development of mobile technologies in Russia.

US lawmakers propose US$1 bil fund to replace Huawei equipment

The bill would help rural network providers to install secure equipment.

Huawei CFO says her rights were violated

Meng lawyers argue, she had no idea on issuance of arrest warrant at airport.

Xiaomi unveils first 5G phone for China in challenge to Huawei

Latest release joins competitors Huawei and Oppo in race to attract first 5G users in China.

Huawei exec in Canada seeks to quash extradition

Evidence presented by lawyers could help Wanzhou in extradition case.

Huawei talks up own apps with Mate 30 challenge to Apple,...

Huawei is banking on being able to offset its inability to access Google Mobile Services by offering the best performing phone on the market.

Apple suffering identity crisis in China, survey shows

Trade war taking its toll as consumer attitude changes towards American company.

Huawei promises smartest 5G phone, but who will be brave enough...

Analysts say that without the Google ecosystem consumers won’t want to buy the Huawei Mate 30.

Huawei dangles US$1.5 bil in a hunt for global developers

Huawei to invest US$1.5 bil in its existing developer program over the next five years to create apps for its services.

US flags Huawei 5G network security concerns to Gulf allies

Washington has been warning allies against using the Chinese company's equipment.

UK to decide on Huawei soon but China must adhere to...

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace says the UK expects a code of behaviour by Huawei or any country planning to enter Britain's market.

Huawei drops lawsuit against US over seized equipment

Huawei says the US government returned the equipment in August after confirming no export license was required and it decided to drop the suit.

Huawei feels no big impact from Czech, Polish security fears

Huawei says it’s business as usual in Europe despite warning from a Czech cybersecurity watchdog that the tech giant's technology could pose a security threat.

Chinese professor charged in US in latest shot at Huawei

The complaint accuses Huawei of trying to steal the unnamed California tech company’s technology with the accused playing a role in the alleged scheme.

Trudeau says China uses detentions as political tool

Justin Trudeau says western allies have expressed concerns about China's tactic that observers described as 'hostage diplomacy.'

Huawei to spend more than US$300 mil yearly in university funding

Despite fighting a trade ban with the United States, Huawei is expected to fund US$300 mil in research funding for universities.