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PAS: Azmin not safe in Gombak, Mahathir more so

PAS research head Zuhdi Marzuki says he is unsure why Selangor MB Azmin Ali offered PH chairman to contest this seat which he will not be able to win.

Azmin offers his Gombak seat for Mahathir to contest

The parliamentary constituency is considered a PAS stronghold as two of the three state seats within its margins were last won by PAS by over 1,000 votes each.

Murdered boy a ‘good son’ and pious

Father of Noor Amila Edrus tells of how his five-year-old son was diligent in performing prayers and could even recite the Quran.

Amila anak yang baik, kata bapa mangsa culik, bunuh

Bapa Noor Amila Edrus berkata anaknya yang berusia lima tahun boleh membaca Al-Quran dan rajin solat