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Tag: Human Resources Ministry

Ministry dares MTUC, MEF over labour law amendments

It says the two groups should 'tell all Malaysians which provisions of the Industrial Relations (Amendment) Bill 2019 you agree or disagree with and why'.

Companies refusing to grant 90 days maternity leave to face action

The human resources minister says private sector employers must comply with the new benefit announced in the 2020 Budget.

Ban will cost us in US-China trade war, says Ramasamy

Penang deputy CM takes the human resources ministry to task for ‘ad hoc’ measures to improve workers’ rights.

Cabinet urges Foodpanda to revert to old payment scheme

The Cabinet decided today that a committee, made up of three ministries, will further probe issues involving the gig economy.

MTUC wants RCI into foreign worker intake abuses

MTUC says the whole foreign worker intake system is messed up and only a RCI will be able to identify the abuses and recommend remedial measures.

Minister promises ‘due action’ if Utusan bails on employees

The human resources minister says affected workers will be referred to an employment insurance system while rehiring and retraining can take place, if they lose their jobs.

We want absolute right for every worker, even migrants, to join...

It denies allegations by human resources ministry that it is against ratification of the International Labour Organisation Convention 87 (C87).

Didn’t you oppose convention on freedom of association, ministry asks MTUC

The human resources ministry says MTUC had previously rejected the principle of C87 on the freedom to organise trade unions as this could lead to a multiplicity of unions in the workplace.

No decision yet on revealing report on foreign workers, says ministry

The human resources ministry denies claims that the Cabinet is opposed to making the report available to the public.

Cabinet against making report on foreign workers public, says source

A special committee set up to streamline policies on foreign workers is said to have suggested placing workers under the human resources ministry.

Trade union groups slam govt for backtracking on labour laws

The Decent Working Group says the present amendments are at odds with Pakatan Harapan's manifesto pledge to improve the lives of the working class.

Make amendments to Employment Act public, urges trade union coalition

Decent Work Working Group says the human resources ministry has failed to respond to 46 recommendations it submitted.

Kula defends statement on different minimum wages according to sectors

The human resources minister says this is what the National Wages Consultative Council Act recommends.

Over 10 companies monitored for ill-treating foreign workers

Treat foreign workers as well as you treat Malaysians, Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran tells employers.

Govt: We’ll listen to views on dress code for Muslim workers

The human resources ministry says its proposed guidelines will be submitted first to the National Labour Advisory Council.

Keep 20% of salaries to stop foreign workers from fleeing, says...

The money will be kept in Socso and returned to them when they leave.

Kula: Foreign workers not ‘stealing’ jobs from locals

The human resources minister says foreign workers are hired for jobs that do not require vocational certification.

‘Let HR ministry take charge of foreign worker recruitment’

Rights organisation Tenaganita says private agencies set very high recruitment fees as they are primarily focused on profit.

Use HRDF funds to train lower-level, retrenched workers as well

The HRDF can be a means for shared prosperity between employers and employees and serve the common good of the nation in the long run.

Time to press ‘re-set’ button on hiring of foreign workers

It is high time the relevant ministry comes up with a clear policy on the hiring of foreign workers, and a review of the current processes.

FMM: Let’s have clear policy on foreign workers

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers says foreign workers management should be under the human resources ministry, not the home ministry.

Time to clean up skills training mess, says NUTP

Secretary-general Harry Tan Huak Hock says problems of funding, quality and recognition faced by public vocational institutes need to be resolved.

Kula pledges to clear backlogged cases in three months

The Human Resources Minister says ministry officers may have to come back at night, Saturday and Sunday or public holiday to dispose of the delayed cases.

Bosses to pay levy for foreign workers starting January

Human resources ministry says policy applies to new foreign workers as well as those who have renewed their temporary employment visit pass.