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Tag: Human Rights Watch

Rights group urges US to sanction China over Xinjiang camps

The Trump administration has been weighing sanctions against Chinese officials since late last year.

HRW accuses Egypt forces, militants of Sinai ‘war crimes’

North Sinai is the scene of the deadliest attack in Egypt's modern history when militants kill more than 300 worshippers at a mosque,

Publisher, Human Rights Watch founder Robert Bernstein dies at 96

Robert Bernstein, an ardent American defender of political dissent and freedom of expression who led publisher Random House and founded Human Rights Watch during the Cold War, dies at 96.

Kumpulan hak manusia anggap PH gagal menjelang setahun berkuasa

PH memberi gambaran mereka akan melaksanakan reformasi dalam masa beberapa minggu selepas menang dalam pilihan raya umum 9 Mei, tetapi ia tidak berlaku.

Global rights group gives PH thumbs down ahead of first year...

Human Rights Watch says the government not only failed to fulfil pledges on rights, but also back-pedalled on reforms.

Rights groups condemn Saudi over trial of women activists

Some detainees were allegedly tortured and sexually harassed during interrogation, following their arrest in a sweeping crackdown on campaigners.

HRW: Saudi trying to quash Yemen war crimes probe

A resolution led by a group of European countries and Canada calls for a one-year extension of the inquiry that reported evidence of possible war crimes by all sides in Yemen, including the Saudi-led coalition.

Minoriti Islam Xinjiang hadapi ‘indoktrinasi politik’, kata Human Rights Watch

Beijing menafikan kem tersebut bertujuan menjalankan pendidikan politik sebaliknya menegaskan ia merupakan pusat latihan vokasional.

Rights groups slam Egypt 5 years after deadly protest crackdown

Security forces moved in to disperse a sprawling Islamist protest camp in Cairo's Rabaa al-Adawiya square, where 900 protesters were killed by security forces.

Civilians killed in Afghan ground raid and air strikes

Farmer and security guard among the dead, mosque and 21 vehicles damaged

Saudi Arabia arrests more women’s rights activists

The arrests have revived criticism of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's approach to ambitious reforms as part of his push to diversify the world's top oil exporter's economy.

Human Rights Watch calls on US to reject planned arms sales...

Bahrain has been criticised for its low level of adherence to human rights.

Work on police misconduct commission, rights group tells Putrajaya

Human Rights Watch calls on new government to quickly fulfil promises in its election manifesto so that Malaysia can become a model for others as a promoter of human rights and rule of law.

Aussie rights chief hits out at Turnbull’s U-turn after silence over...

Human Rights Watch's Australian director compares Canberra's response to Anwar's release with its muted response in the past.

Israel gives HRW director two weeks to leave country

Omar Shakir has been ordered to leave Israel over his alleged support of the BDS movement.

Indonesian government moves toward banning child marriage

A viral photo of a 14-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy trying to register their marriage prompted President Joko Widodo to agree to sign a decree barring such unions.

UN, HRW say African migrants being abused in Yemen

Human Rights Watch accused Yemeni government employees of “torturing, raping and executing” migrants and asylum-seekers from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea in a detention centre in Aden.

Rights abuses rife on Zimbabwe tobacco farms, HRW says

Human Rights Watch called upon Zimbabwe to stem child labour and other rights abuses on the country’s tobacco farms.

HRW slams ‘unlawful’ Yemen rebel missile attacks on Saudi Arabia

Houthi rebels from Yemen recently fired seven ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia, causing the death of an Egyptian labourer.

Drop Anti-Fake News Bill, global human rights body urges govt

Human Rights Watch says the proposed law is a frontal attack on free expression.

Uzbekistani media freedom improved, but repression still prevalent, HRW says

Despite improvement in some areas, freedom of the media and press is still rather limited in Uzbekistan.

Egypt crackdown paves way for long-term Sisi rule, Human Rights Watch...

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's crackdown on dissent has all but guaranteed that he will win the upcoming election.

Rights group tells Malaysia not to send back Chinese Muslims to...

Global rights group says past cases show that Uighurs returned to China are almost always at the risk of persecution.

Chinese officials engaged in ‘takeover’ of Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Human Rights...

Human Rights Watch said that China intends to put Communist Party officials in charge of Larung Gar.