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Tag: human rights

Anwar case: Will M’sia ignore world opinion?

The widespread belief that he is a political prisoner reflects a universal view that he is a relevant leader for the times.

The lack of human rights at the WHO

It is obvious that the World Health Organisation, though under the United Nations, does not abide by the articles on human rights promoted by its parent body.

Suhakam: Hold inquests for all deaths at detention centres

After allegations of abuse and deaths of seven detainees in Juru, human rights commission makes unannounced visit and says only one detainee died, a Cambodian woman who had a heart attack in May.

Viral photos add fuel to French burkini debate

Police officers standing over middle-aged woman forced to take off her burkini, as one of the men write a summons, making France 'laughing stock of the world'.

Police say two Gang 36 brothers in two-year detention

First arrested for probe into attempted murder and rioting, now held for two years in Kluang under Prevention of Crime Act.

Suaram: Probe Juru torture claims immediately

The human rights NGO has called for immediate investigation into claims that immigrants have been tortured at the Juru detention depot in Penang.

Lawyers: Cops have no basis to nab Sanjeevan under Poca

Human rights lawer Syahredzan Johan questions need to detain MyWatch chairman for 18 days before arresting him again under Act which allows for detention without trial.

Human Rights Watch praises Tenaganita

Its Asia Division senior adviser says the NGO is a life saver for many women and migrants workers in Malaysia.

Kasthuri: Cabinet shifting goal post on death penalty

The latest shift of goal posts was by not granting discretionary powers to judges to hand down different forms of punishment.

Malaysia becoming death camp for migrant workers

The maltreatment of migrants has led to many deaths and brought disgrace to the country besides obstructing long-term economic progress.

Let all refugees get work and education, says Suhakam

Malaysia urged to sign UN Convention and not to grant privileges exclusively only to certain groups

Kua: Stop playing football with citizenship

Suaram calls for an end to 'sickening spectacle' of token non-Malays granted citizenship at election time.

Lawyer Shafee appointed human rights envoy

The Foreign Ministry says Muhammad Shafee’s appointment is part of the government's efforts to advance the promotion and protection of human rights.

NGOs concerned over regressing human rights

Reporting a decline in freedoms such as freedom of expression and religion, Comango urges government to honour its commitment to the UN’s recommendations.

Stop undermining Suhakam, Proham tells Putrajaya

NGO says it is totally unacceptable and unbecoming of a responsible government to slash funds and restrict the work of the human rights commission.

Home Ministry: Govt need not explain travel ban

Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan says Immigration Act grants the government powers to prohibit Malaysians from travelling abroad but says Bersih head can refer her case to Immigration Department.

Spare the rod, Suhakam urges teachers, parents

Human rights commission says Govt should protect children by rejecting corporal punishment in schools.

Roneey case: A political hand in religious rights

Sabah church leader reminds Federal Government that Malaysia Agreement carries international treaty obligations.

Suaram: Monitor graft instead of transgenders

Suaram calls for stop to demonisation of transgenders and for LGBT not to be denied jobs.

Suhakam threatens to march for more money

After budget cut from RM13mil to RM5mil, chairman says 'we may need to march to Parliament'.

Wisma Putra slams US over human rights report

Foreign Ministry alleges US ignored Malaysia's sovereign right to decide on its internal affairs.

Ramasamy blames preferential policies for ethnic discord

Penang Deputy Chief Minister II claims affirmative action has resulted in the exacerbation of race and religious polarisation in the country.

US warns of global attack on freedom, slams some allies

Kerry argued that respecting human rights does not weaken a government and that repressing citizens opens the door to the growth of violent extremism.

San Diego proclaims April 5 ‘Nisha Ayub Day’

"Nisha Ayub Day" is in recognition of the activist's efforts in fighting for equality and the protection of transgender rights.