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Tag: human rights

Kazakh rights defender arrested over Xinjiang activism

Serikjan Bilash was arrested in Almaty, Kazakhstan's largest city and flown to the capital Astana.

Saudi Arabia faces first-ever censure at UN rights forum

The initiative comes amid growing concerns about the fate of detained activists, who were preparing for their trials.

UN urges social media, investors to promote human rights in Myanmar

Myanmar has been trying to divert attention from the Rohingya crisis In order to attract foreign investors.

Missing Chinese rights lawyer returns home but ‘still not free’

Jiang Tianyong took high-profile cases including those of Falun Gong practitioners and Tibetan protesters and was one of more than 200 lawyers and activists detained in 2015 by Communist authorities.

Malaysia re-elected to OIC Human Rights Commission

Malaysia’s representative, Ahmad Azam Ab Rahman, will serve on the commission for the 2019-2022 term beginning August.

Human rights group lauds govt for aid to Yemen

The Centre for Human Rights Research and Advocacy also wants a war tribunal to be set up.

Group condemns Singapore over conviction of activist for ‘illegal assembly’

Civicus says the punishment meted out to Jolovan Wham is meant to deter others from exercising their rights.

Is high finance growing a social conscience?

Survey shows financiers are increasingly considering the environmental and social impact of their investments.

Kedutaan China letak iklan tunjuk ia sayang orang Uighur

Nampak seperti ada kempen sejagat oleh China untuk melawan dakwaan pencabulan hak asasi manusia di wilayah Xinjiang.

Chinese embassy takes up full-page ad to show it ‘cares’ for...

It appears to be a global campaign by China to counter allegations of human rights violations in the Xinjiang region.

China jails prominent rights lawyer for subversion

Wang Quanzhang's case has been shrouded in secrecy and uncertainty, as authorities have released little information about his well-being and have denied access.

No point having referendum on abolition of death penalty, NGOs tell...

The Malaysian Coalition against the Death Penalty says capital punishment was not a deterrent to offences like drug smuggling.

China’s first ‘cyber-dissident’ faces trial

BEIJING: China's first "cyber-dissident," whose website reported on sensitive topics including human rights, is expected to go on trial on Monday amid fears he...

Young Saudi asylum-seeker arrives in Canada to official welcome

Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada is standing up for human rights around the world by granting Qunum asylum.

Cambodia strongman Hun Sen derides ‘democracy’ in fiery speech

Hun Sen remains defiant Saturday as he inaugurated a monument with carvings showcasing his government's achievements.

Migrant rights activist’s sweet moment of saving the ‘living dead’

Tenaganita's Glorene Das tells how a 14-year-old Bangladeshi girl went through the darkest chapter of her life in Malaysia.

Debate, don’t just table annual report, says Suhakam

The human rights commission wants Parliament and other government agencies to discuss and implement its suggestions on human rights issues in the country.

UN condemns N. Korean human rights violations

The non-binding resolution, which was passed by consensus without a vote, welcomes diplomatic efforts to end the crisis on the Korean peninsula.

Have law to protect domestic workers, Putrajaya told

NGO says the law should ensure that domestic workers get off-days, EPF, Socso, annual leave and sick leave like other workers in the country.

Suhakam releases annual report, says worried about Malaysia’s direction

The 348-page report underlines various human rights issues such as child marriages, freedom of speech and stateless children, which continue to plague society.

The importance of looking after our fellow human beings

Human duties and responsibilities have become more crucial now than ever before.

Some quarters abusing term ‘human rights’, says chief justice

Richard Malanjum says absolute freedom is a mirage.

Suhakam: Human rights not a threat to religion

Chairman Razali Ismail says a society will only be truly multiracial when there is no more discrimination.

Amid soaring violence, efforts to reinvigorate ‘toothless’ UN agreement on rights...

The Philippines is one of the most dangerous for activists, with dozens of land rights and human rights workers killed there in 2017.