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Tag: human rights

Some quarters abusing term ‘human rights’, says chief justice

Richard Malanjum says absolute freedom is a mirage.

Suhakam: Human rights not a threat to religion

Chairman Razali Ismail says a society will only be truly multiracial when there is no more discrimination.

Amid soaring violence, efforts to reinvigorate ‘toothless’ UN agreement on rights...

The Philippines is one of the most dangerous for activists, with dozens of land rights and human rights workers killed there in 2017.

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Russian champion of human rights, dies at 91

She was a human-rights defender for about five decades.

Suhakam: PM supports human rights in other ways

Suhakam chairman Razali Ismail says Dr Mahathir has been championing other human rights like combating corruption, addressing poverty and revamping the state of education.

At 70, universal rights declaration facing uncertain future

The text adopted in Paris by the UN General Assembly on Dec 10, 1948, aimed to redress the centuries-old notion that rights are granted to citizens by states.

Suaram raps PH for being slow in making human rights reforms

Suaram executive director Sevan Doraisamy however says dissolution of several task forces within the police force had seen a notable decline in application of preventive laws.

When is it ever time for human rights in Malaysia?

With the failure to ratify the ICERD, bring back local government and redistribute wealth, among others, the time never seems to be ripe for realising human rights in Malaysia.

Ex-IGP: Yes to enforcement powers for oversight body but give cops...

Mohammed Hanif Omar says other people have the right to appeal to the court, so police officers convicted by the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission should get the same.

UN expert: Orang Asli, refugees don’t have access to drinking water,...

Leo Heller says technology used to supply water to Orang Asli is too technical for community to operate or maintain.

Academic tells the difference between free speech and hate speech

'You have the right to be racist but no right to say things which may cause harm to others,' says Universiti Malaya law professor Azmin Sharom.

Why the death penalty should not be abolished

The death penalty is still needed when a country is afflicted with crimes that can create fear among citizens.

Govt hopes to table review of preventive laws this Parliament sitting

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says he is aware of human rights violations which have arisen from the use of such laws.

Paris Saint-Germain promise racial profiling report by next week

The internal investigation was launched in response to revelations by French investigative website Mediapart that club talent scouts operated a system of racial profiling for years.

Malaysia will ratify ICERD, other rights treaties, UN told

Foreign ministry secretary-general Ramlan Ibrahim says it will be done after consulting all the stakeholders.

Sexual abuse of women rife in N. Korea, says rights group

The nuclear-armed nation is a deeply hierarchical and patriarchal society where traditional values of deference to authority still hold sway.

Singapore launches survey on death penalty

Human rights groups said the survey is unlikely to be a prelude to Singapore softening its position on capital punishment.

Putrajaya urged to ratify UN declaration on religious freedom

DAP MP P Kasthuriraani says reforms to religious freedom in Malaysia need to take place first before it can start defending the rights of those in other countries.

Filipinos deeply conflicted on Duterte’s drug war

Polls say Filipinos support the crackdown but not the thousands of slayings that are central to it.

Putrajaya urged to issue moratorium on Sedition Act

Human rights group says it is 'unsurprising' that the police continue to use the Sedition Act as no moratorium has been issued by the government.

Hakam: Religion, race should not be barrier to uphold human rights

It urges the government to ratify international conventions related to the issue.

Cambodia PM warns at UN against questioning of one-party election

Speaking from the floor of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Hun Sen warned against any outside "interference" in Cambodian politics.

Amal Clooney appeals to Suu Kyi for reporters’ release

Clooney says the journalists' families had already submitted a request for their pardon, adding that the president can grant a pardon following consultation with Suu Kyi.

We can punish LGBTs but we can’t change science

Many who express hatred towards the LGBT community are simply ignorant of basic science and physiology.