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Tag: hygiene

5 quick-cleaning hacks to zap your home back into shape

If you work smart, household chores can be rather gratifying and leave your home looking spotless and smelling great in no time.

Honda Accord hybrid production in Thailand, not Malaysia

Honda Motor Japan is making the move to take advantage of Thailand's tax incentives for manufacturing greener cars.

Penang sets 2020 deadline for restaurants to clean up

Restaurants whose cleanliness levels drop to below 50% will be closed down by the local council.

Part 2: Best not to share these items with others

There are some things that just should not be shared with others for health reasons.

Part 1: Best not to share these items with others

While sharing is caring, personal items should not be used by more than one individual to minimise the spread of certain diseases.

China probes Marriott, Hilton hotels over poor hygiene after undercover expose

The expose features international chains such as the Hilton owned Conrad Beijing and Waldorf Astoria, as well as Marriott International Inc's Sheraton and Le Royal Meridien.

Rubber glove industry expected to benefit from US hygiene push

New best-practices standards recommending that health workers wear two pairs of gloves to handle hazardous drugs could push demand well above normal market growth rate.

Raj’s Banana Leaf reopens after passing health inspections

The Bangsar eatery which courted controversy in May over unhygienic practices has also undergone a facelift.

Half the world’s schools lack clean water, toilets and handwashing

Almost 900 million children have to contend with a lack of basic hygiene facilities during their education, putting their health at risk and meaning some have to miss school.

HFMD: 7 schools in Sabah ordered to close

Health Minister Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad says 2,200 cases of HFMD have been detected in Sabah so far and that every week about 73 new cases are detected nationwide.

Too poor for periods, Zimbabwe’s girls rely on rags, paper, leaves

Zimbabwe is suffering a sanitary wear crisis.

HFMD: Keep kids away from public places, advises Penang exco

State Health Committee chairman Dr Afif Bahardin urges calm as disease is rarely fatal although 2,000 cases reported since January.

Kayu: The ‘original’ nasi kandar we can’t get enough of

Even after 45 years, the Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar is a favourite among Malaysians who crave its steaming white rice sloshed with a medley of curries.

Kula on local cooks ruling: It was just a suggestion

Human resources minister says it is an attempt to reduce the dependence on foreign workers.

Prisons, lockups must be reformed, says Nurul Izzah

She says some of the laws in the Prison's Act are archaic and a Bill is expected to be tabled soon to introduce reforms.

What’s more important in food: flavour or filth?

Restaurants and hawker stalls with questionable hygiene are nothing new, but this needs to change.

After video furore, Bangsar eatery closed until further notice

The deputy director of the Environmental Health Department says the eatery does not have proper washing facilities behind the kitchen although it had always passed cleanliness checks.

Make public health and hygiene a priority

Malaysia has allowed filthy eateries to get away with unhealthy and unhygienic practices for much too long.

Why the majority of makeup consumers avoid the tester tubes

Most beauty fans prefer to virtually try on any potential makeup purchases using a digital platform -- especially when it comes to lipstick.

Much ado about a laundrette

If water is used to clean religiously unclean people, the same principle can be applied to the clothes put in washing machines.

Sushi outlet closes branch after video of salmon left on garbage...

Sushi Mentai closes branch in Mahkota Cheras for clean-up and orders staff to undergo retraining in hygienic food preparation.

Fight leptospirosis with good hygiene, says expert

'It is most important to prevent exposure to infected animals.'

Infectious diseases and the dirty Malaysian

Several quarters say it is wrong to single out foreigners for blame for the spread of diseases.

Summer sand: Basic hygiene for the beach

To prevent fungal infections, skin diseases and other irritations this summer, try getting into good hygiene habits with these simple tips.