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ICC prosecutor ordered to reopen Gaza flotilla case

An appeals judges ruled on Monday that the case must be examined once more and whether to bring charges before the Hague-based court.

ICC approves concussion substitutes in international cricket

The rule will be effective starting Aug 1 when the Ashes series between England and Australia begins.

Myanmar army rejects ICC bid for full Rohingya probe

The ICC's interference harms the dignity of Myanmar and its military, says a military spokesman. 

ICC prosecutor seeks full Myanmar atrocities probe

The ICC has jurisdiction over crimes against the Rohingya because Bangladesh, where they are now refugees, is a member.

ICC defend India-Pakistan finish as pundits slam ‘farce’

Could the rain be the reason over Pakistan's defeat at the World Cup today?

ICC wants commentators to be ‘fair’ after Holding saga

The ICC has denied censoring West Indies great Michael Holding for criticising match officials and tells commentators to be fair in their observations.

ICC defends no-reserve-day decision, blames ‘unseasonable weather’

A record three matches have already been either abandoned or called off in the weather-hit tournament and the forecast is for further washouts this week.

Jordan loses ICC appeal over ex-Sudan president Bashir non-arrest

Despite two international warrants for his arrest, Omar al-Bashir freely attended an Arab League summit in Amman in March 2017.

Rome Statute is about nation’s sovereignty not Rulers, says Shafee

Prominent lawyer says only rogue rulers would be affected, and urges more discussions between Putrajaya, palaces and the public.

2 previous AGs refused to ratify Rome Statute, says Tommy Thomas

He says he is surprised as he did not know the AG can refuse to act on instructions from the Cabinet.

Atasi masalah ekonomi, bukan tumpu Statut Rom, kata Najib

Ketiga-tiga kuasa besar dunia, iaitu Amerika Syarikat, Rusia dan China tidak meratifikasi Statut Rom.

Fix economy first instead of focusing on Rome Statute, says Najib

He questions need to debate this issue now 'to the point of fighting among ourselves, within the PH government and the Malay Rulers'.

Najib tells why Rome Statute was never signed by BN govt

He says BN had wanted to ratify the statute but was advised by the then attorney-general that it may contravene the constitution.

Putrajaya to call the bluff of Rome Statute opponents

But Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says it is the end of the road for the ICERD anti-discrimination treaty.

Rome Statute would put international crimes under our laws, says Saifuddin

Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah says no amendments to the constitution would be required.

We talk, but Rome Statute would have allowed us to act

Ratifying the treaty would have allowed us a say against the lack of prosecution against atrocities committed by countries like Israel and Myanmar, which have always been our concern.

ICC rejects investigation on war crimes in Afghanistan

A decade was spent examining alleged war crimes in Afghanistan by ICC prosecutors, all to have it rejected.

Rulers open to prosecution since 1993, Rome Statute not to blame,...

Edmund Bon dismisses the claim that monarchs will lose immunity if the government ratifies the Rome Statute.

The Rome Statute and the deeply disturbing ‘deep state’ disclosure

The existence of a clandestine 'deep state', as mentioned by Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah in explaining Putrajaya's decision to withdraw from the Rome Statute, is worrying.

Rulers also sought AG’s views on Rome Statute, claims Annuar

The Umno leader says the sultans' reservations over the treaty are not solely due to a memorandum by several academics.

Egypt-like coup could happen if people incited over Rome Statute, says...

The Amanah leader agrees with the suggestion that people could take to the streets and threaten the government if it goes ahead and ratifies the Rome Statute.

Putrajaya learnt nothing from ICERD episode, say groups after Rome Statute...

22 organisations say the Pakatan Harapan government surrendered aspirations of the New Malaysia to provocations from immature parties.

Pelajar dedah ‘memo kepada Raja-raja’ didakwa gagalkan ratifikasi Statut Rom

Dokumen itu mendakwa ratifikasi Statut Rom akan menyebabkan Agong boleh didakwa di Mahkamah Jenayah Antarbangsa atas peranan baginda sebagai Pemerintah Tertinggi Angkatan Tentera.

Kerajaan PH keliru, bertindak melulu, tanda tangan Statut Rom, kata Zahid

Pada 5 April Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata Malaysia akan menarik diri daripada meratifikasi Statut Rom yang dikritik pelbagai pihak, termasuk istana Johor.