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Malaysia assures Turkey of support to ‘fight’ Gulen movement

Ambassador Abd Razak Abdul Wahab justifies deportation of three Turkish nationals last month from Malaysia.

‘Court rules to release Ihsan Aslan on judicial control’

Two other Turks, deported from Malaysia, have been put in pre-trial detention, says Turkey Purge.

Zahid denies Turkey ordered arrest of its 3 citizens

Yesterday, human rights group Stockholm Centre of Freedom urged Malaysia to halt doing the bidding of an increasingly repressive Turkish government.

3 warga Turki yang diusir kini disiasat

Agensi berita Turki melaporkan Ihsan Aslan, Turgay Karaman dan Ismet Ozcelik disoal jabatan anti-pengganas negara itu.

Turkey starts interrogation of 3 men deported by Malaysia

Turkey’s state-run news agency says Ihsan Aslan, Turgay Karaman and Ismet Ozcelik are being questioned by the country’s Counter-Terrorism Department.

Malaysia’s contempt for international law, human rights

Prominent lawyer cites country's alleged missteps in dealing with case of Saudi blogger in 2012 and now Turkish citizens, with irregular extradition process.

‘Saya masih terkejut, tak sangka suami diusir ke Turki’

Peguam yang mewakili Ainnurul Aisyah Yunos Ali Maricar berkata, ahli keluarga Ihsan Aslan langsung tidak dimaklumkan mengenai pengusiran itu, sebaliknya mereka mengetahui perkara itu daripada wartawan.

Three arrested Turks have been deported, tweets IGP

Lawyers for Liberty joins chorus of those unhappy with the deportation of the trio to Turkey as they may face torture there.

Stop linking husband to other 2, says Turkish man’s wife

Wife of detained Turkish citizen says she is grateful she could see her husband for an hour today.

Peguam minta henti kaitkan Ihsan dengan 2 tahanan Turki lain

Situasi dan latar belakang Ihsan Aslan berbeza dengan 2 lagi tahanan lain, kata peguam.

‘Let my husband go to another country, just not Turkey’

Wife of Turkish citizen says husband fears return to Turkey after reports of torture of those detained following coup attempt last July.

Detained Turkish men to meet lawyers and families

Lawyer for Turgay Karaman and Ismet Ozcelik, arrested under Sosma, says he will meet them before families are given some time with the detainees.

Son of arrested Turk harms self to cope with dad’s arrest

10-year-old Rafael is autistic and misses his father terribly.

‘My husband no threat to Malaysian or Turkish governments’

Ihsan Aslan's wife, Ainnurul, says she knew her husband's routine very well, and did not have any reason to suspect him of wrongdoing.

Arrested Turkish man met with Najib, says report

Turgay Karaman, former secretary-general of Malaysian-Turkish Dialogue Society, spoke with Prime Minister Najib Razak prior to latter's official trip to Turkey.

IGP to foreigners: Don’t bring your country’s problems here

IGP says police will not hesitate to act against those who disrupt Malaysia's national security, no matter how long they have been here.

Zahid: 2 warga Turki ditahan disyaki terlibat dengan IS

Sebelum ini ketua polis negara hanya berkata penahanan kerana mereka mengancam keselamatan negara, tanpa menyebut dakwaan penglibatan dengan militan IS.

Duo face torture if sent back to Turkey, rights body tells...

Rights group says Turgay Karaman and Ihsan Aslan face torture and unfair trial in their homeland and should not be allowed to leave Malaysia 'under any circumstances'.

Make your life easier, rights lawyer tells cops

The Lawyers for Liberty director says police should inform suspects' families after making arrests.

Why didn’t cops tell us, say wives of Turkish men arrested

Ayse Karaman and Ainnurul Aisyah Yunos Ali Maricar question arrest, saying husbands have been working in Malaysia peacefully for 13 and 15 years respectively.

IGP: Turkish men arrested, not abducted

Khalid Abu Bakar says Turgay Karaman and Ihsan Aslan were arrested last night in connection with activities that threatened national security.