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Tag: illegal immigrants

PBS Youth lodges report against Warisan leader over FB posting, citing...

Warisan youth leader Firdaus Diun, however, denies the claim, saying he was merely reminding opposition cybertroopers not to stoke tension on the illegal immigrant issue.

Dayaks are not violent people, says Borneo Dayak Forum

BDF vice-president Jalumin Bayogoh slams individuals who posted provocative and slanderous messages on social media that almost derailed the international congress meant to organise Dayak people in Borneo.

Curb crime involving foreigners before situation explodes, warns Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kitingan claims Sabahans don’t feel safe any more with the rise in crimes involving foreigners.

Five-year plan to close off illegal immigration

The home ministry says the plan will involve federal and state agencies, local councils and kampung councils.

I had nothing to do with Project IC, says Musa

The former Sabah chief minister says Warisan is trying to distract the people by blaming the previous administration for the illegal immigration problem.

Why so jittery over ‘citizenship drive’, opposition asks Warisan

STAR chief Jeffrey Kitingan says there is no reason for Warisan to take a cheap shot against former chief minister Musa Aman.

Do we know how to regulate foreign workers?

If the new government is going to pride itself on integrity and good governance, then we should see some changes soon.

I received only vague information on camps, Customs man tells RCI

Mohd Pudzi Man says it was difficult to gather intelligence on the smuggling of illegal immigrants.

NSC man ‘shocked’ illegal immigrants used ‘difficult’ route, RCI told

Former National Security Council director for Perlis tells inquiry into mass graves he had not expected foreigners to enter illegally via that route.

Reject move to recognise illegal immigrants in Sabah, says SAPP

The party says the people should also protest against the state government's plan to place refugees on an island.

What’s going on with illegal immigrant issue in Sabah, asks opposition...

STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan says either the state government is unaware of Sabahans' concerns or the they have fallen on deaf ears in Putrajaya.

Prove Warisan is assisting illegals, dares Leiking

The Warisan deputy president says those making this allegation may be trying to hide their friends’ wrongdoings.

No attack, I was just saying what Sabahans think, PPBM man...

The Sabah PPBM coordinator defends his remarks after criticism from Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman.

No automatic citizenship for those born in Malaysia, says Muhyiddin

The home minister says children in Sabah with no identification documents must fulfil the criteria set by the National Registration Department.

Trump threatens to close border with Mexico ‘next week’

Trump's latest tweets ramp up the tension between the neighbours, putting a specific timeframe to his repeated threats to shut the border, one of the busiest in the world.

5 Filipino illegals escape from Sabah detention centre

They overcome guard delivering food to them and climbed over 4m-high fence.

Kitingan worried about Sabah’s security after arrest of 13 terror suspects

The Sabah opposition leader says the state government’s recent announcement to document Filipinos may have contributed to sudden influx of terror suspects.

Shafie urges compassion for stateless people

The chief minister says stateless people should not be penalised as such just because one of their parents is not Malaysian.

Resolve illegal IC issue before ‘legalising’ stateless children, says Sabah opposition...

The proposal to aid stateless children through a legalisation programme will worsen the situation for the indigenous people, says Jeffrey Kitingan.

Sabah opposition leaders concerned over plan to ‘legalise’ stateless children

Opposition leaders want the state government to ensure there is no abuse and that everything is above board so that no one can use it to give citizenship to illegal immigrants.

149 nabbed while trying to flee immigration raid at their hostel

Many jumped out of their windows while some hid in dumpsters.

Sabah police arrest man selling fake ID cards to illegals

Cops say the man, who had collected the money from people, had yet to issue any card.

More crimes involving foreigners in Sabah, warns Upko

Its youth chief urges authorities to take drastic measures including recalling identification documents issued to foreigners.

Illegal immigrants may use fire tragedies to get MyKad, warns PBS

PBS president Maximus Ongkili says there have been at least eight suspicious fires at squatter settlements throughout Sabah since June last year.