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Tag: illegal immigrants

Don’t be Warisan’s lapdog, PBS tells ex-colleague over citizenship issue

PBS information chief Joniston Bangkuai says a true leader should not change his stand so easily.

Probe late birth registrations using SDs in Sabah, PBS tells Putrajaya

PBS welcomes the move to stop such registrations, saying no documents should be issued for applications using SDs unless these are properly verified.

Sabah MCA warns against ‘get out of jail’ PSS card

State women's chief says only the federal government can issue legal documents for foreigners.

The complicated landscape of Sabah’s illegals

Issuing a temporary Sabah pass to qualified foreigners is a bold move but many fear for the future of the state.

Make public 5,000 missing pages of Sabah RCI report, PH urged

Sabah opposition party SAPP also believes the reported number of 600,000 migrants who are to get the special pass is unrealistic.

Ex-Sabah DCM poses series of questions on special pass

Wilfred Bumburing says issuing the special pass will mean immigrants can stay for long periods without proper travel documents.

Special passes may see eclipse of ‘genuine’ Sabahans, says rep

Joniston Bangkuai (PBS) says issuing new Sabah passes to 600,000 foreigners could put locals at a disadvantage, but Warisan man says PBS had slept through the issue in the past.

US to work with new Guatemalan president on migration

Alejandro Giammattei will be under immense pressure from the US to implement a controversial migration pact, or face the threat of sanctions.

Squatters at Sungai Buloh leprosy centre to face action

These people (squatters) know that this area is out of bounds but they still occupy it illegally, said the prime minister.

Automate IC registration to stop crooks, says Sabah MCA

State Wanita chief Pamela Yong says continued use of the same flawed system only gives business to criminals.

No need for second RCI on illegals, Cabinet can act on...

The former Sabah chief minister also rejects the call by Bersih 2.0 to bring the matter to court, saying it is a waste of time.

300 to 400 illegals expected to take up ‘Back for Good’...

Five-month programme to reduce number of illegal immigrants kicks off on Aug 1.

Why some migrants are willing to be smuggled into Malaysia

An activist says legal entry is too costly and involves too much red tape.

Bersih calls for second RCI into Sabah illegal immigrants – and...

This time, the RCI must be given powers to act against those responsible for granting citizenship to illegals.

STAR backs call to include Sabah in plan to deport illegal...

Saying Putrajaya has never taken the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah seriously, the local party urges the federal government to at least now heed the call by PPBM.

Judge served with remand order in hospital

The suspect arrested by MACC yesterday was warded at Putrajaya Hospital after complaining of chest pains.

Judge in MACC custody behind controversial verdict in high-profile inquest

Source cites complaints on judge's decisions in many cases.

MACC nabs Sessions Court judge over release of immigrants

MACC chief confirms the arrest, which follows those of a lawyer, deputy public prosecutor and police personnel.

Extend deportation plan for illegals to Sabah, urges PPBM

Sabah PPBM chief Hajiji Noor believes the programme will help solve the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah.

PBS Youth lodges report against Warisan leader over FB posting, citing...

Warisan youth leader Firdaus Diun, however, denies the claim, saying he was merely reminding opposition cybertroopers not to stoke tension on the illegal immigrant issue.

Dayaks are not violent people, says Borneo Dayak Forum

BDF vice-president Jalumin Bayogoh slams individuals who posted provocative and slanderous messages on social media that almost derailed the international congress meant to organise Dayak people in Borneo.

Curb crime involving foreigners before situation explodes, warns Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kitingan claims Sabahans don’t feel safe any more with the rise in crimes involving foreigners.

Five-year plan to close off illegal immigration

The home ministry says the plan will involve federal and state agencies, local councils and kampung councils.

I had nothing to do with Project IC, says Musa

The former Sabah chief minister says Warisan is trying to distract the people by blaming the previous administration for the illegal immigration problem.