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RM700 too high to encourage workers to take up latest amnesty...

Building and Wood Workers' International says many illegal workers are victims of unscrupulous employers and agents.

Sabah starts legalising illegal foreign workers

Five-month programme for foreign workers and families to obtain regular papers, to ease labour shortage in plantations and agriculture.

FMM: Let’s have clear policy on foreign workers

The Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers says foreign workers management should be under the human resources ministry, not the home ministry.

Government halts rehiring programme for illegal workers

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says priority will be given to locals and that the hiring of foreign workers will be better managed.

Passport, RM2,500… and you have a job in South Korea

South Korea may seem like the land of milk and honey, but many Malaysians are taking a big risk by working illegally there as they have no protection.

Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepali illegal workers assured of E-Kad

Immigration DG says this to representatives who conveyed requests for a halt to the crackdown on their nationals working illegally in Malaysia.

Immigration crackdown on illegal workers a boon for Nepal

Number of Nepali job seekers coming to Malaysia has more than doubled following the move to get rid of undocumented workers, says report.

Immigration detains 28 employers, 1,500 illegal workers

These employers had failed to register their workers for the E-cards before the June 30 deadline.

Forest City developer: Beware of scams by employment agents

This follows reports of workers being brought from China on social visit passes and left stranded after discovering they may have to work illegally at low wages.

In Malaysia, easier to say sorry than ask for permission

'Break the law first, apologise later and then receive approval' is how things work here.

DG: Don’t blame Immigration Dept for carrying out its duty

Mustafar Ali says employers must be prepared to accept the consequences when they violate laws and regulations.

Bosses hiring illegals told to register for rehiring quickly

They must register before June 30 or risk imprisonment, fines or whipping.

Sarawak hunts 87 North Koreans with expired work permits

Deputy home minister says state will even facilitate the return of North Koreans with work permits if they wish to return home.

Sleeping in a hall with 300 others, sharing doorless toilets

Undocumented workers in Malaysia face terrible working conditions, are exploited by their bosses, discriminated against by locals, and preyed upon by policemen, says report in The Guardian.

MTUC: Why reward illegal migrants with temporary work pass?

Groups address concerns over illegal migrants taking jobs from locals and other problems due to lack of clear direction, conditions set for temporary work pass.

DBKL, immigration dept to stem illegal workers influx

Joint task force ready to act against employers and revoke business licences in city centre.

Malaysians warned of Australian visa scams

Beware claims of visas for sale, says Australian government.

Syndicates exploiting illegal M’sian workers in Australia exposed

Australian daily reports tales of low wages and squalid workers housing

Immigration to name, shame employers over illegal workers

Immigration Director-General Mustafar Ali wants to expose companies which hire, harbour illegal migrant workers, aside from seizing and freezing assets.

Minister: Employers complicit in influx of illegal migrants

Human Resource Minister Richard Riot blames businesses for specifically asking agencies for foreign workers who are then not registered with authorities.

Foreign workers now 14% of total national workforce

Documented foreign workers just shy of 15% ratio limit set by Putrajaya, as ministry appeals for more recruitment of locals.

Employers hiring illegal workers face stern action

Nur Jazlan calls on employers to register illegal workers under the Rehiring Programme

Meeting on foreign worker levy ends with no decision

Home Ministry also discusses with industry players re-employment of illegal immigrants and another meeting to be held at end February.

RM1,200 to rehire illegal foreign workers

Program to legitimise illegal foreign workers in the country, which kicks of today, will see employers having to fork out between RM1,400 and almost RM3,500, plus immigration fines, and work permits, among others.