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Tag: ILO

Perkeso mesti lindung semua, termasuk pekerja tanpa dokumen, kata MTUC

Kerajaan bertanggungjawab memastikan pekerja asing menikmati hak asasi manusia asas.

Who gained in vote against treaty on sexual harassment?

It is the mandate of MTUC and MEF to protect workers regardless of race, gender, immigration status or sexual orientation.

Get Putrajaya to sign convention for all workers to unionise, MTUC...

MTUC secretary-general J Solomon tells ILO meeting in Geneva that the treatment of migrant workers has reached a ‘critical stage’ and it is time for them to enjoy the same benefits as Malaysian workers.

Hands off minimum wage

Means testing is a fairer way of redistributing wealth and resources.

Govt: We’ll listen to views on dress code for Muslim workers

The human resources ministry says its proposed guidelines will be submitted first to the National Labour Advisory Council.

Finding a decent job may be difficult this year, ILO says

The situation is particularly acute in developing countries, where 3 out of 4 workers lack stable jobs.

Budget 2018: MTUC lauds Putrajaya for ‘bold’ moves for women

Malaysian Trades Union Congress secretary-general says the move in Budget 2018 for 30% women participation as directors of GLCs is consonant with the International Labour Organisation recommendations.

NGO: Employers repatriate migrant workers after workplace accidents

According to North South Initiative Executive Director Adrian Pereira, employers do so to avoid being penalised by local authorities.

Migrant workers still have it tough in Malaysia

Pong Sul Ahn, regional specialist of the International Labour Organisation says rights of migrant workers and freedom of association must be protected.

TPPA: Nine labour laws set for review by 2017

Human Resources Ministry official says amendments to more than 30 provisions, to be done in stages, are to comply with TPPA requirements.