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Millions paid by Najib, Jho Low to improve their image, reveals...

The Center for Responsive Politics says the payment to one of Najib’s agents was ‘interrupted’ and that Jho Low is on record as having paid RM5.6 million for PR work.

Trudeau’s office denies any hostility with female lawmaker

Celina Caesar-Chavannes said in an interview that she was targeted by Trudeau's wrath when she said she would not seek reelection in October.

US’s image worsens under Trump

Despite Trump's low ratings, 63% of respondents said the world was better off with the United States as the leading power, compared to 19% who preferred China in that role.

Pogba not as selfish as people think, Deschamps says

France coach Didier Deschamps believes most people have the wrong image of Paul Pogba.

5 diplomatic rows looming over Russia’s World Cup

Russia's tensions with the West mean that will prove tricky this year -- here are five sources of international tensions.

Cambodian PM denounces “dogs” for burning his effigy in Australia

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, criticised by rights groups for a crackdown on the opposition and media, denounced protesters in Australia as dogs on Thursday for burning his effigy, days after threatening to beat them up.

Protect image of Jakim while on or off duty, staff told

Jakim officers are also responsible for maintaining good name of government, reminds Jakim director-general.