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IMF turun unjuran pertumbuhan global kepada 3%, kadar paling perlahan

Ketua Ekonomi IMF Gita Gopinath berkata "pertumbuhan terus lemah disebabkan halangan perdagangan dan ketegangan geopolitik yang semakin meningkat."

Global economic outlook ‘precarious,’ no room for mistakes, IMF warns

The body urges policymakers to find resolutions to trade disputes.

Tunjuk perasaan bantah hapus subsidi minyak, Ecuador isytihar darurat

Satu mogok dilancarkan bagi menentang penghapusan subsidi minyak yang membawa kepada keganasan.

Lagarde says, ‘I was hesitant on ECB job’

The new ECB President says would rely on surroundings to drive agenda.

World Bank’s Georgieva poised to become 2nd female IMF chief

Kristalina Georgieva will replace former IMF chief Christine Lagarde, who has been named to lead the European Central Bank.

The true toll of the trade war

Like other economic superpowers, China grew on the back of manufacturing exports. But, unlike those countries, it is now threatening to compete directly with the West.

IMF mission arrives in Argentina for crucial review

The trip is crucial as it will determine whether the IMF disburses US$5.3 billion to Argentina after its recent US$56 billion bailout.

It’s not working, IMF says to Trump

With the IMF warning that his trade war is slowing global growth and as recession alarm bells ring, US President Donald Trump doubles down on his attacks on the Federal Reserve and on China.

IMF rumours may be the scare South Africa needs

The threat of an International Monetary Fund bailout, unthinkable a few years ago, may force South Africa’s government to push through the reforms it needs to rescue the economy.

IMF’s latest victims

The fund suffers from a lack of accountability that permeates the institution’s bureaucracy right up to the very top.

IMF warns increasing US tariffs could harm China’s growth

In an intensifying trade war, US tariffs on China imports could take a huge toll on its economic growth.

EU settles on World Bank’s Georgieva to lead IMF

Kristalina Georgieva got the backing of a majority of the 28 EU states.

Madagascar gets US$44 million installment from IMF to boost growth

The objective is to support the country’s efforts to 'reinforce macroeconomic stability and boost sustained and inclusive growth.'

ECB chief Draghi ‘not available’ to lead IMF

He adds that he was 'very honoured' that his name should have come up as a possible candidate.

IMF downgrades world growth, warns of ‘precarious’ 2020

The IMF urge countries to avoid using tariffs to resolve their differences.

Ringgit dibuka tinggi berbanding dolar AS

Dolar AS jatuh semula pagi ini berikutan tumpuan kekal pada konflik perdagangan dan kemungkinan pengurangan kadar faedah oleh Rizab Persekutuan AS.

Lagarde resigns as IMF chief, cites more clarity on ECB post

Christine Lagarde says her resignation would speed up the selection of her successor.

IMF lowers Singapore’s 2019 economic growth outlook

The IMF sees Singapore’s economic growth slowing to 2% in 2019 as global trade tensions hurt external demand.

Lagarde set for October confirmation as next ECB president

Christine Lagarde's nomination for ECB president will go to its Governing Council and the European Parliament for consultation.

Lagarde successor at IMF should be European, say ministers

Bruno Le Maire says ministers not only want a European candidate for IMF's top post but the person has to possess some uniqueness as well.

Europe needs to find candidate to head IMF

Traditionally the Washington-based IMF has been led by a European, while its sister institution the World Bank has been run by an American.

EU officials are considering Mark Carney for top IMF job

While a Canadian by birth, Mark Carney holds British and Irish passports, so his selection would technically preserve the seven-decade practice of a European running the IMF.

Argentina is said to seek more FX control before IMF review

The IMF has asked for greater capacity to operate in futures because that’d help it keep the peso in check before presidential elections on Oct 27.

IMF approves US$6 bil loan for Pakistan

The International Monetary Fund approves a US$6 billion, three-year loan for Pakistan to help right the South Asian nation's economy.