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PBS worried ‘real Sabahans’ may become refugees if illegal immigrants get...

PBS deputy president Radin Malleh tells Sabahans to keep an eye on anyone offering citizenship or PR to illegal immigrants and alert government agencies concerned.

Learn from Sabah, don’t issue IMM13 to Rohingya refugees, says Azis

Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman says Myanmar should be pressured to take back Rohingya refugees.

PBS slams Warisan’s contradictory statements on illegal immigrants

PBS information chief Jahid Jahim asks if there's a 'new interpretation' of refugees in Sabah of which the people are unaware.

Kenapa saling bercanggah mengenai IMM13, soal pembangkang Sabah

Kerajaan negeri Sabah dan Jabatan Imigresen tidak seharusnya mengetepikan isu tersebut dengan memberi jawapan 'separuh masak'.

Why the clashing statements on IMM13, asks Sabah opposition leader

STAR president Jeffrey Kitingan urges the Sabah government and the Immigration Department to come clean on the issue of IMM13 refugee card holders in Sabah.

Let UNHCR handle refugee situation in Sabah, PBS tells immigration

It does not believe Immigration Department's explanation that it only intended to do census on Filipino refugees as these figures are available from Statistics Department.

Don’t listen to Harris, Bumburing tells Putrajaya

Follow due process in granting citizenship and permanent residence, says the Parti Cinta Sabah chief.

Immigration chiefs told to explain refugee issue to Sabah Cabinet

Deputy Chief Minister Madius Tangau asks why the reasons for the Oct 11 exercise given by Sabah immigration and the federal immigration differ from each other.

Immigration DG: We were conducting census, not registering refugees

Immgration director-general Mustafar Ali says the department was actually carrying out a census on the number of children belonging to IMM13 holders in Sabah and not conducting new registration.

Upko demands answers on new IMM13 registrations in Sabah

Upko president Wilfred Madius Tangau asks who issued the directive, adding that the Sabah Cabinet has no knowledge of such an exercise.

Jeffrey: Tak mungkin Shafie tak tahu tindakan besar-besaran keluarkan IMM13

Ketua pembangkang Sabah itu berkata, ketua pengarah Jabatan Imigresen, pengarah imigresen negeri dan Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri, Azis Jamman perlu meletak jawatan, jika benar Shafie Apdal tidak tahu pengeluaran semula IMM13.

Unlikely Shafie not aware of ‘massive’ IMM13 exercise, says Jeffrey

Sabah opposition leader says if Shafie's claim is true, then the Immigration DG and Deputy Home Minister Azis Jamman should resign.

Sabah govt has nothing to do with IMM13 passes, says Shafie

Sabah chief minister says the order may have come from the federal government and fears it could harm the state government’s own efforts to solve the illegal immigrant problem.

Sabah immigration suspends new registration for refugee kids

This comes a day after videos of refugees swarming the department went viral on social media.

Sabah opposition leaders blast return of IMM13 passes

SAPP and PBS say the passes should no longer be issued as there is no more war in southern Philippines.

Hundreds rush to Immigration Dept to renew documents in Sabah

The immigrants were there to renew their documents and also to apply for new ones for their children.

Imigresen: Satu pertiga penduduk Sabah warga asing

Imigresen Sabah merekodkan lebih 450,000 pendatang asing tanpa izin dan 250,000 daripadanya diurus oleh KDN.