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Tag: immigration policy

US judge blocks Trump administration’s new asylum rule

The new rule brought in by the Trump adminstration bars most immigrants from obtaining asylum in the US if they transit through Mexico.

Trump to unveil radical immigration overhaul

US President Donald Trump's bid for reshaping immigration is highly unlikely to get far in Congress.

Body of Guatemalan migrant girl who died in US custody returns...

Jakelin's father is seeking asylum in the United States.

Weakened Merkel to face judgement of her Bavarian allies

The party's leader, interior minister Horst Seehofer, threatened to turn migrants back from the Bavarian border, a move that would almost certainly precipitate a government collapse.

Australia defends hardline immigration policy as keeping out ‘undesirables’

Where other countries “allow people to arrive and then assess the threat then”, the “Australian model” was to bar those considered a threat.