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Mavcom refused to act on klia2 immigration congestion issue, says AirAsia...

Tony Fernandes says Mavcom had demanded proof of congestion instead of making an on-site inspection.

MAHB to move duty-free shops at klia2 after immigration jam

The airport operator says this is among measures to ease congestion and facilitate better traffic flow.

Acting US homeland security chief McAleenan resigns

US president says Kevin McAleenan wants to spend more time with family.

3,000 workers from India seek help to return home

News report says these illegal workers are unable to pay RM700 fine and RM400 airfare home.

Body cameras will enhance efficiency, says Muhyiddin

He says it is not aimed at finding fault with the frontliners in the police, immigration and customs.

New immigration system to keep foreign terrorists out, says Muhyiddin

The home minister says the government is committed to strengthening its border security.

Frustration building up over lack of foreign workers

Recommendations made to Council of Eminent Persons over a year ago have not been implemented, says industry source.

India defends citizenship register after UN criticism

India says those left off the list do not become stateless and will continue to enjoy all the rights of a citizen until they have exhausted all legal options.

Backlash grows over contentious India citizenship list

Critics said the NRC process reflected the BJP's goal to serve Hindus, with a large chunk of those excluded expected to be Muslims.

6 months’ jail for Malaysian who overstayed in Singapore for 23...

Court is told man's sole intention was to take care of his wife and children.

Court blocks Australia from deporting Tamil toddlers

Immigration officials put the Tamil family on a plane for Sri Lanka, but a federal court judge's injunction forced the pilots to land the aircraft and deposit the family in Darwin.

Trump asks top court to allow full enforcement of asylum crackdown

A judge has issued a nationwide injunction against a new rule that will curtail asylum applications by immigrants at the US-Mexico border.

Child migrants to be held in detention longer under new Trump...

US President Donald Trump's administration recently unveiled a sweeping rule that would deny visas and permanent residency to poor migrants.

HK immigration to Taiwan surges as protests continue

The number of people moving to Taiwan from Hong Kong has risen rapidly, fuelled in recent months by anti-government protests that have swept the former British colony.

Malaysian officials violated diplomatic immunities, says envoy

A protest note to the foreign ministry says family members of a diplomat are entitled to protection under Vienna Convention.

Israel deports Filipina worker, Israeli-born son

Israel's immigration authority confirms the deportation adding that Rosemarie Perez had overstayed for 12 years.

Trump administration to block immigrants who may need government aid

The long-anticipated rule takes effect Oct 15 and would reject applicants for temporary or permanent visas for failing to meet income standards.

Migrants mistakenly held in Thai trafficking shelters

The US State Department criticises Thailand for not pushing their anti-trafficking efforts enough.

Officers uncover hiring of illegals at Penang waste firm

Immigration raid finds 10 foreigners with expired documents among 22 in kongsi house.

300 to 400 illegals expected to take up ‘Back for Good’...

Five-month programme to reduce number of illegal immigrants kicks off on Aug 1.

Why some migrants are willing to be smuggled into Malaysia

An activist says legal entry is too costly and involves too much red tape.

STAR backs call to include Sabah in plan to deport illegal...

Saying Putrajaya has never taken the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah seriously, the local party urges the federal government to at least now heed the call by PPBM.

Pahang woman, 63, cheated of RM18,000 ‘bail’ for online friend

The victim received a call saying the friend had been detained by immigration officers for carrying too much cash.

Singaporean sues for wrongful conviction, inhumane treatment

Church worker files criminal motion in the High Court to set aside conviction for immigration offences.