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Ex-AIAC director’s CBT trial suspended pending immunity claim hearing

The judge says there are special circumstances warranting a stay in trial.

Court to rule on delay of ex-AIAC director’s trial pending immunity...

N Sundra Rajoo wants his trial adjourned until the High Court rules whether he enjoys immunity from prosecution.

Need to plug loopholes in Whistleblower Protection Act, says Latheefa

The MACC chief says she will be bringing the issues to the government in hopes of 'closing the gaps'.

Venezuela to strip immunity from lawmakers who backed coup bid

The Venezuelan prosecutor's office requested 18 arrest warrants for civilians and soldiers who participated in the insurrection.

AG: It’s PM and Cabinet who wage war, not Agong

Attorney-General Tommy Thomas cites example of British war inquiry, where former PM Tony Blair was called up.

Justice may be denied if PM, ministers enjoy legal immunity, court...

Aggrieved parties will be denied access to justice if members of the executive are above the law, says lawyer.

Court says no jurisdiction to hear ex-AIAC director’s judicial review

Judge Nordin Hassan says the attorney-general has unfettered discretion under the constitution over prosecution matters.

Ex-arbitration centre head turns to court to stop graft probe

Sundra Rajoo, in a judicial review application, claims he is entitled to immunity under an international treaty.

Set up panel to probe past scandals to prove no selective...

Putrajaya should review financial scandals that have rocked the nation since 1980.

Jho Low still seeking immunity, report says

The businessman, described as a 'key person of interest' in 1MDB investigations, is reportedly seeking immunity in exchange for assistance in finding assets linked to the scandal-ridden fund.

Expert tips on how nursing mothers can help protect their babies...

August 1 to 7 marks World Breastfeeding Week 2018, celebrated every year to encourage and support breastfeeding to help improve the health of babies around the world.

Lawyer: You can’t give immunity to Jho Low as he is...

Lawyer N Sivananthan on why Dr Mahathir could not agree to businessman's request for immunity from criminal prosecution.

Mahathir rejects Jho Low’s Dubai offer, says report

Wanted Penang-born businessman was speculated to be seeking immunity from prosecution in connection with 1MDB.

Act on ‘alarming’ Suhakam inquiry revelations, NGO tells home minister

CAGED says the Special Branch officer who revealed to the wife of missing activist Amri Che Mat that police were involved in abducting him may have been under pressure to subsequently deny he said that.

Activist’s wife wants home ministry to protect police informer

Norhayati Mohd Ariffin fears that the police officer whom she named earlier today will feel pressured into not speaking the truth in the inquiry.

Businessman remanded over Penang undersea tunnel project

He is being investigated over allegations that he received money from the main contractor to 'close' MACC’s investigation into the project.

Nine illegals with ‘immunity cards’ detained in raid

They had paid RM2,600 to obtain these cards, which were supposed to prevent them from being arrested by authorities.

Mugabe granted immunity as part of resignation deal

A government source said Mugabe told negotiators he wanted to die in Zimbabwe and had no plans to live in exile.

Union, officials enjoy immunity from defamation suits, affirms apex court

Section 22 of the Trade Unions Act 1959 is clear and requires no further interpretations on this, says Chief Justice Raus Sharif.

Pahang Mufti: Any fatwa I issue is still a fatwa

Abdul Rahman Osman dismisses lawyer Syahredzan Johan's statement that a fatwa is not official until it has been gazetted.