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China’s May exports hold up, imports surge on robust demand

Exports rose 12.6% in May, the customs administration said Friday, faster than a forecast of 11.1%. Imports surged 26%, leaving a trade surplus $24.9 billion(RM 99.2 billion)

Mexico set to impose 20% tariff on U.S. pork legs

Last week, Mexico said the retaliatory tariffs would apply to pork legs and shoulders from U.S. suppliers, which account for about 90% of the country’s $1.07 billion annual imports of the cuts.

April exports surge 14% y/y, beating forecast

Export growth was more than double the 6.3% rise forecast by a Reuters poll, and significantly higher than the 2.2% annual growth in March.

IDEAS: China investments showing trickle-down effect but…

IDEAS CEO Ali Salman says since China’s investments increased, outpacing Malaysian FDIs into China, Malaysian exports to China have fallen badly which may not be a coincidence.

Brazil hopes to mitigate impact of EU chicken ban, minister says

The European Commission will vote on whether to restrict Brazilian chicken exports on April 18.

US identifies US$50 billion in Chinese imports facing tariffs

The list -- which includes electronics, aircraft parts, medicine, machinery and other goods -- has yet to be finalized and is intended as a response to China's alleged theft of American companies' intellectual property and technology.

Washington hails renegotiation of trade deal with S. Korea

The White House also says talks were underway to finalize a side agreement prohibiting both countries from competitively devaluing their currencies to gain advantages in trade.

Yemen’s lifeline Hodeida port stifled under ‘de facto’ blockade

The assessment by humanitarian and port officials comes as Saudi Arabia and its regional allies push into the fourth year of their military intervention in Yemen.

US expected to impose up to US$60 billion in China tariffs...

One source says that the China tariffs may be subject to a public comment period, which would delay their effective date and allow industry groups and companies to lodge objections.

Botswana accuses US of ‘encouraging’ elephant poaching

Botswana's President Ian Khama says the US government was encouraging elephant poaching, following its recent decision to reverse a ban on imports of sport-hunted trophies.

US tariff on steel, aluminium imports will impact Malaysia

The country was most recently also affected by tariffs imposed on solar panels by the Trump administration.

Train shortage, power demand to drive resurgence in India’s coal imports

The amount of coal imported by India is expected to rise every year for the next five years.

Japan books first trade deficit in eight months

They logged a trade deficit in January, the first negative figure in eight months, as imports of fossil fuel overwhelmed the revenue from exports.

Valentine’s Day a rosy opportunity for jobless Colombians

They sleep in heated shipping containers, and are fed by the horticultural companies employing them.

RAM: Malaysia exports to grow 17.9% in October

Rating agency says trade surplus for October is projected to be RM10.2 billion, cautions that momentum will likely moderate in the last two months of the year.

Malaysia halts all imports from North Korea

Malaysia’s halt to North Korean imports came ahead of drastic UN and US sanctions last month that ramp up export bans and penalise companies and individuals doing business with North Korea.

Kedah football team needs RM27 million this year

Kedah MB urges private sector to contribute to KFA to ensure continued brilliant run of the 2016 Malaysia Cup winner.

S’pore vege prices go up due to hot weather

Supply of leafy vegetables from Malaysia expected to drop by 30% in coming weeks.