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Penang changes mind, may go for incinerator as landfills run out...

Exco man says the move is also in line with the federal government’s requirement for each state to have an incinerator.

Kepong incinerator project suspended, clarifies Zuraida

Housing and local government minister blames miscommunication for report that project would go ahead.

Stop KL incinerator project, say activists

More than 6,000 families risk danger to health should incinerator project in Kepong proceed, say group who want it to be a campaign issue in GE14.

The big question is – ‘Do we need an incinerator?’

Why do we need to spend RM1 billion to buy an incinerator when present sanitary landfills can solve all of Kuala Lumpur's waste issues for the next 60 years?

Landfills worst choice, not incinerators

Writer believes it is better to have an industrialised approach to waste rather than a backward solution like landfills, which produce toxins and methane.

Clearing the air about waste-to-energy plants

Waste-to-energy plants and incinerators are not one and the same, and opposition MPs as well as the general public should read up on the issue first before objecting to it.

Tian Chua: Ministry must come clean on Kepong incinerator project

Project delayed by more than two years is now revived as two companies bid to build 1,000-tonne incinerators about 3-4km from Taman Beringin in Kepong.

Many unconvinced incinerator in Kepong the best solution

No contract should be awarded to a party to operate the incinerator until the people are satisfied that the technology will not be harmful to them years from now.