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Tag: income gap

No pot of gold in cities, say analysts to villagers

A social analyst says rural folk should create job opportunities in their own areas instead.

Income gap yawns despite economic growth

A report on median household incomes shows that KL has a median household income of RM9,073, more than four times the median household income of RM2,105 recorded in Pitas, Sabah.

‘Save Malaysia Fund’: Let the top 1% lead the way

Let the wealthiest 1% lead the campaign to save Malaysia from its national debt.

DAP: Rich people travelling doesn’t mean economy is doing well

Klang MP Charles Santiago says many are struggling to make ends meet despite second finance minister's claim that 'economy is doing well'.

MP: Rich getting richer but ordinary folk still struggle

Pointing to car sales figures, Ong Kian Ming says economy may be growing but ordinary Malaysians are still struggling with the cost of living as the benefits do not come to them.

Gap between rich, middle-income earners set to widen further

Economist Yeah Kim Leng says those holding mid and low-level jobs have not seen much increase in their wages but the rich are able to use their resources to make more money.

World Bank: Wealth inequality a threat to East Asia, Pacific

Booming economic growth has lifted millions in the region out of extreme poverty since the 1980s, but the wave of prosperity has not guaranteed upward mobility and economic security for large swathes of the population.

Report: Chinese community has the biggest income gap

Among the Chinese, the income gap rose from RM5.80 in 2014 to RM6 in 2016, says financial daily.

Urban middle class now 40% poorer

The rich are happy and the situation for the rural poor remains unchanged, says an academic.