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Bringing back GST shows Putrajaya is desperate, says Sabah activist

He regrets that most of the money collected from GST was not returned to Sabah and Sarawak when the consumption tax was introduced in 2015.

Does being attractive equal higher pay?

Long-term research supports the theory that being good looking correlates with a higher earning level.

People’s income has improved over the years, says Daim

The people are more comfortable now, he says when commenting on the poverty level in the country.

The politics of poverty

Can RM980 a month, which is the current poverty line income, really provide for a family of four?

4 ways to make money selling other people’s things

Not only can you invest using other people’s money, you can also hustle by selling other people’s items. Legally of course… so find out how.

Unfair, says Najib of asset declaration as MPs have other sources...

The former prime minister says some MPs earn a salary from other work and it is unfair to lump it all in their MP income declaration account.

4 money-making tips you should know from the get-go

Here are several surefire ways Malaysians can earn additional income to fatten up their wallets.

8 reasons why you may need to build a side income

If your existing salary is insufficient to cover monthly expenses and has been stagnant for years, it's time you started building a side income.

All it takes is 4 babies to enjoy ‘zero income tax’...

Some countries are so concerned over low birth rates that they are offering couples all sorts of incentives to help increase the population.

7 urgent financial goals to work on right this minute

From cutting your spending to getting out of debt and saving for emergencies, these goals will result in improved finances and greater peace of mind.

In Gaza, women walk thin line between hope and despair

Israel and Egypt's tight restrictions have devastated Gaza's economy and left many of its women struggling to find work after graduating from college.

Maybank scores highest quarterly profit in 2 years

Malaysia’s largest bank records net profit of RM2.33 billion for October-December 2018 compared with RM2.13 billion in the same period a year earlier.

M40 and B40 families still struggling to buy property

This will not change unless there is a meaningful surge in household income, decline in house prices or more positive measures introduced.

We are a success at poverty eradication, but just don’t tell...

Proper implementation and monitoring, plus a sincere pursuit without politics in mind, will go a long way in ensuring more people are helped out of the cycle of poverty.

How to effectively manage your household finances

The management of your family finances impacts their financial future. Here are six points to consider when coming up with an effective financial plan.

Drive for Grab part-time, Penang airport drivers’ chief tells members

Limo association chairman says it is the only way drivers can make extra money as airport limos have become less popular with the arrival of the e-hailing service.

Japanese prosecutors want Ghosn to sign confession, says son

Anthony Ghosn told the JDD that his father’s lawyer has still not seen the prosecutor’s full case file.

Should you merge your finances after marriage?

A merger will allow both parties more options to implement a strategic money management plan for the future.

Property market crash: Rising prices vs salary increments

When rising property prices can no longer be supported by the average buyer's income, this is when the property market will crash.

Nissan CEO tells staff feels ‘dismay’ at Ghosn scandal

Saikawa said he could not reveal all details of what had happened because the case was still under investigation.

Exxon Mobil, Chevron earnings jump on higher oil prices

Results for the two biggest oil companies reflected the boon from rising prices, which averaged US$69 a barrel on international markets during the quarter, compared to just US$48 a year earlier.

Guan Eng top income earner on MACC’s list

Dr Mahathir Mohamad comes out third in a list of 48 MPs from the ruling coalition who declared their assets to the anti-graft body.

MTUC: Make higher education free, cap affordable housing at RM100,000

Its secretary-general J Solomon says under Budget 2019, the new government should focus on wealth redistribution so that the B40 and M40 groups benefit.

Guan Eng: Ex-treasury head Irwan earned RM3 mil in 7 years

Finance minister says Irwan also took home income of close to RM4 million sitting on the boards of 23 companies under the Minister of Finance Incorporated.