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Musa Aman’s son must inform Parliament of his status, says Liew

The de facto law minister explains why former Umno MP Yamani Hafez Musa is still considered an independent.

Independent chides rival over alleged campaigning for votes on polling day

Malar Rajaram describes Dr Streram Sinnasamy's alleged action as 'pathetic'.

Former company manager quits job to contest in Sandakan by-election

Chia Siew Yung is confident of causing an upset despite his lack of experience in politics.

Indie candidate Malar to go on ‘silent protest’ for 2 days

The housewife says this is her way of protesting the decisions made by BN and PH to 'silence' their candidates in the recent Cameron Highlands and Semenyih by-elections.

Anwar, Zahid accompany candidates to nomination centre

Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional candidates arrive to file their nominations as independent springs surprise.

Infighting will cost PKR the Rantau seat, warn analysts

Analysts say talk of candidates from PKR and Amanah throwing their hat in the ring later today shows some in PH are out to discredit Anwar Ibrahim's decisions.

I’m single, disabled, and don’t want Bantuan Sara Hidup

I can still earn a living online instead of waiting for handouts.

Multi-cornered contest likely for Cameron Highlands seat

Four turn up at the nomination centre to submit their forms as supporters gather nearby to show the strengths of their candidate or party.

Ukraine church picks bishop as leader, secures split from Russia

Priests gathered in Ukraine’s most prominent 11th century St. Sophia Cathedral early Saturday and for eight hours celebrated the liturgy.

Australia’s government set to lose majority in landslide by-election defeat

Morrison will now be left relying on the support of independent lawmakers to continue to govern in the tightly contested parliament.

Transparency International: Give guarantee whistleblowers will be protected

Transparency International Malaysia president Akhbar Satar says people should be educated to report any wrongdoing so that Malaysians can put an end to politicians abusing their powers and being corrupt.

Appoint magistrates as election returning officers, urges ex-Bar president

Ragunath Kesavan says such returning officers will be better regarded as independent in conducting polls.

PD candidate denies being sponsored by Mahathir, Azmin

Independent Stevie Chan says he is not an 'ideal candidate' that anyone would want to sponsor.

PD by-election: Independent Stevie Chan releases manifesto

Top on his list is the introduction of cheap PD-KL bus service and combating crime in the tourist destination.

Myanmar says court in Reuters reporters’ case was independent

The journalists, who pleaded not guilty, were investigating the killing of 10 Rohingya Muslim villagers by the Myanmar security forces at the time of their arrest in December.

Bagan Serai MP denies wanting to give up seat for Anwar

Dr Noor Azmi says he has not met the party leader or been contacted by anyone on the matter.

Anwar to contest parliamentary seat in Perak?

A source says an independent MP recently met Anwar Ibrahim and offered to resign to pave the way for the incoming PKR president to contest in a by-election.

Saifuddin: No plans to reveal identity of e-voting software developer

PKR sec-gen says what is more important is that the leadership has been briefed on how system works.

EC looking at proposals to improve next GE

Deputy minister says government will not direct the Election Commission to do anything but it hopes the EC will discharge its duties competently.

Lawyer: Conflict of interest if AG leads prosecution on Najib

N Sivananthan says it will breach PH's election manifesto if Tommy Thomas continues leading the prosecution team.

Ismail tak beritahu dia mahu keluar Umno, kata Shahidan

Ketua Umno Perlis berkata dia hanya mendapat tahu tentang tindakan adiknya itu melalui media.

Ismail didn’t tell me he was quitting Umno, says Shahidan

The Perlis Umno chairman says he knows only what he reads in the media.

Ismail Kassim leaves Umno, eyes PPBM

The Tambun Tulang assemblyman says he has lost confidence in the Umno leadership.

Revamp Judicial Appointments Commission next, says lawyers group

Lawyers for Liberty says the resignations of Raus Sharif and Zulkefli Makinudin signal better times for the judiciary, but it is also important to reform the membership of the JAC.