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Tag: Indian Muslims

Lift foreign worker ban, say Indian Muslims

Jewellery shops and F&B outlets affected by lack of workers, says community leader.

6 ‘hidden’ nasi kandar eats in Penang

Penang is synonymous with nasi kandar and here are six restaurants tucked away so well, only the locals know about them.

RM10 mil to help Indian Muslim NGOs in the country

PM says a special officer from his office would be appointed after GE14 to be responsible for handling issues involving Indian Muslims.

Remembering Dato Koyah, miracle worker of Penang

19th century Dato Koyah mausoleum will be reopened today after a meticulous three-year restoration project.

Umno desperate for votes

Writer questions response by prime minister to request by Indian Muslim association, without consulting with cabinet or other Barisan Nasional components.

Equal treatment for all

Constitution states clearly in Article 8 that all Malaysians must be treated equal, no one shall be discriminated because of his or her religion, race or place of birth.

Bumiputera status: To be or not to be

How do we reconcile the proposal for Indian Muslims to be recognised as Bumiputera with the justification for the original creation of Bumiputera status?

We are Bumiputeras, insists Indian Muslim umbrella body

Federation of Malaysian Indian Muslim Associations president says the community has been around for five centuries and has contributed to the economic development of the country

Penang mosque protests hotel project next door

The mosque in Leith Street asks the local government to cancel approval for conversion of a building next door into a hotel.