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Man behind 2007 Hindraf protests longs for a ‘Malay Abraham Lincoln’...

No one cares about Indian victims, says lawyer-turned-activist.

Stop giving publicity to hate preachers, Waytha tells media

He says it will be a good idea if all media can come to a consensus to stop giving them any publicity.

Give aid to Indian poor directly, not through NGOs, says Ramasamy

The DAP man claims these NGOs often take a good portion of the money to meet their staff and organisational expenses.

Unanswered questions over RM100 mil funds for Indian community

P Waytha Moorthy must explain how the money was disbursed and how the recipients were selected.

Waytha upbeat on PH effort to solve Indian woes

He says the government is mapping out a five-year plan.

No need to rely on ethnic leaders to champion cause, ex-Hindraf...

R Kengadharan says creating constituencies for marginalised groups is workable only in India as their constitution provides for it.

Fault me for empowering my own, says Kula in defence of...

The human resources minister claims his statement was twisted and taken out of context.

How can they say I’m a racist, asks Tok Mat

The former menteri besar says he has resolved many issues concerning the Indian community.

After 18-year struggle, 24 Bangi Estate families happy to move into...

The families, who were helped by PSM in their battle with the developer, will move into their two-room apartment units next month.

Adib inquest: I saw some men helping fireman who was in...

Amirrul Adli tells the inquest into the death of fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim that he saw a group of Indians going to the aid of Adib outside the Subang Jaya temple.

Break the cycle of poverty among marginalised Indians

The community should be taught to be self-sufficient, and to understand the value of education.

Ease up on Waytha, Dr M tells critics

Dr Mahathir says the minister should be given a chance to perform.

UKM institute cancels controversial forum on Indians

However, no reasons are given for the cancellation.

Crack down on cheap liquor sold in homes and sundry shops

These drinks are packaged in small bottles of between 140ml and 175ml and sold for as little as RM1.50 to RM3.

How nice if cabinet ministers lead the way and declare ‘I’m...

As we celebrate Merdeka and National Day on the crest of a momentous change in the nation, we should ride the wave of change and surf away from ethnic-based thinking.

Waytha to set up new political party

He says the Malaysian Advancement Party (MAP) will work with Pakatan Harapan to serve the interests of Malaysian Indians.

PH fund for Indians will reach target groups, says Waytha

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department vows to ensure a mechanism to measure the effectiveness of allocations given out to target groups.

Sedic now under Waytha’s Unity and Social Well-Being Department

Minister P Waythamoorthy says first up will be an audit of Sedic's activities.

The Sungai Kandis question: Do Malays want to be Malaysians?

Our religious and so-called academic education are the real culprits: they have produced a majority of Malays who do not care what being a Malaysian is all about.

Why Muslims are failing in society

The absence of reasoning and inquiry has stagnated the minds of Muslims and frustrated their progress.

Who you gonna call on Zakir Naik?

Although some may feel that Indian Cabinet members have more responsibility in the Zakir Naik issue, the onus should be on MPs from all ethnicities to deal with such matters.

Cow-herding family wants justice for kin detained under Sosma

Recounting their harrowing experience when police raided their house in the middle of the night, the family pleads for bail for those arrested while an elected rep calls for the immediate repeal of the act.

Report: 95% Chinese but less than 30% Malays voted for PH

Straits Times daily says the roughly equal split in Malay votes among PH, PAS and BN will have major implications in future elections.

Concern over 30% drop in numbers enrolling in skills training institutes

This will affect government's plans to develop a skilled workforce, says minister Kulasegaran.