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Moreno agrees to swap fuel subsidy cut with policy to aid...

Deal between govt and indigenous leaders ends unrest, curfew in capital.

Papar Dam, another promise broken

Large dams cause imbalance to the natural hydrological and ecological system, apart from destroying the lives of the villagers.

Five artists to watch out for at the first Toronto Biennial...

The 72-day Toronto Biennial of Art, co-curated by Candice Hopkins and Tairone Bastien, will present the work of more than 90 Canadian, Indigenous and international artists.

Mexican artisans want credit for designs behind Carolina Herrera dresses

The Mexican government has accused Carolina Herrera of 'cultural appropriation'.

Former WWII Navajo code talker, lawmaker Pinto dead at 94

Pinto served in the Marine Corps in World War II as a code talker and later on became the longest serving senator in the state.

Mapuche rappers fight for indigenous rights in Chile

For the band, music offers the chance to protest in a different way against the appropriation of their land.

Adopt traditional knowledge for modern use, says indigenous peoples’ group

Asia Indigenous Peoples’ Pact urges governments to consider adopting traditional practices in other important aspects such as the judiciary system.

‘Roma’ actress says she is proud of her roots after fellow...

Oscar-nominated Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio says she is proud to be an Oaxacan indigenous woman.

I never said it, declares Sabah minister as ‘native’ row heats...

Aidi Moktar says it is up to the state government to decide whether to accept the Bugis and Javanese as natives or not.

Malnutrition, child deaths plague India’s tribal people

Among indigenous communities, 57 out of every 1,000 children die before age five, compared to 37 deaths in other social groups, according to the report released last week.

Trevor Noah faces backlash in Australia over offensive indigenous joke

Controversy over Noah's joke comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of indigenous issues, amid an inquest into the custodial death of a mentally ill indigenous man.

Indigenous Mexicans spurn presidential vote with blockades, bulldozers

Residents here have destroyed campaign signs and set up blockades to prevent the government from delivering ballots.

Shafie gives assurance stateless people issue will be resolved

The chief minister says the government needs to tread carefully on the ‘delicate and complex' problem.

Snake bites and chocolate: Costa Rican women teach tourists jungle secrets

Tourists often stay with local families in thatched wooden houses to absorb Bribri traditions and learn the language, while some make appointments with traditional doctors who prescribe plant-based medicines.

Canada presses pope over apology to indigenous communities

Canada is pressing Pope Francis to apologize to children who were plucked from indigenous communities and put in Catholic boarding schools where sexual abuse took place.

Does Shafie want to sell off state land, asks Musa

Chief Minister Musa Aman explains that communal title lands were created so that all natives can own land.

In Chile, suspected Mapuche activists torch 16 trucks, diggers

Masked attackers set fire to 12 trucks and four earthmovers in a gravel factory in the Araucanía Region.

Shafie must clarify move to abolish communal titles, says NGO

Pacos Trust also questions Warisan president’s understanding of the term ‘native customary rights’ (NCR) after he implies that government owns the land.

Canadian man acquitted in killing of 15-year-old indigenous girl

Raymond Joseph Cormier was acquitted of murdering Tina Fontaine.

Researchers find previously unknown language in Kelantan

The language, known as Jedek, is used by a small community of hunter-gatherers in a village in Sungai Rual.

Pope’s S. American visit to cast light on region’s indigenous

Pope Francis' visit to Chile will involve highlighting the suffering of the Mapuche people.

Canada’s Conservatives expel senator over indigenous comments

Lynn Beyak was fired for making derogatory remarks about indigenous Canadians.

Educate our kids about the Orang Asli, says anthropologist

Alberto Gomes says Malaysian children should be exposed to the culture and lifestyles of the indigenous community to eradicate the stigma held against them.

Sabah minister calls for calm over ‘Kaamatan Islamik’ fest

Organiser Hidayah Center Foundation reportedly seeks donations to help develop Islam in Sabah and to have similar celebrations in other towns in the state.