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Indira Gandhi to hit the road and share her story

Indira Gandhi Action Team chairman Arun Doraisamy says the roadshow aims to seek public input and gather information about the whereabouts of missing 11-year-old Prasana Diksa.

RUU tukar agama sebelah pihak Selangor mungkin ganti keputusan Indira, kata...

Mereka menyuarakan kebimbangan terhadap rancangan pindaan perkataan dalam enakmen Selangor mengenai penukaran agama anak bawah umur.

Selangor unilateral conversion law may supersede Indira ruling, say lawyers

They raise concerns over plans to change the wording of the Selangor state enactment on the conversion of minors.

Unilateral conversion laws have been abused, rights group tells Selangor

Hakam says that more often than not, it is the parent from the minority religion who is disadvantaged and suffers the greatest hardships.

Indira’s group places RM10,000 bounty on Riduan

Cabbies, e-hailing drivers and delivery men offered a reward for information leading to arrest of Indira Gandhi's ex-husband.

We’re upping efforts to track down Indira’s daughter, top cop says

Abdul Hamid Bador says he has taken a personal interest in the case.

‘Deep state’ hindering whereabouts of Indira’s Gandhi’s daughter?

Will Prasana Diksa only be returned to her mother when she turns 18?

Ipoh cops call Indira Gandhi to explain claim groups shielding ex-hubby

This follows her police report that supporters of Dr Zakir Naik are helping her former husband to hide their daughter.

PAS rejects claim it is sheltering Indira’s ex-hubby

The Islamist party demands M Indira Gandhi retract her claim made in a police report she lodged yesterday.

Polis belum temui anak Indira yang hilang

Ketua Polis Negara, Abdul Hamid Bador berkata dia secara aktif melihat perkara itu.

Cops yet to find Indira Gandhi’s missing daughter

Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador says he is actively looking into the matter.

Another unilateral conversion dispute could spell review of Federal Court rulings,...

Nizam Bashir says the legal battle could also determine the right of children to profess the religion of their choice.

Group wants new IGP to continue search for Indira’s daughter

It is concerned as police officer heading task force looking for missing girl is retiring soon.

Cops waiting for more information on Indira’s daughter

Once they have the information, they will act, says IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun.

Rahul Gandhi: destiny’s child or an ’empty suit’?

"He was precise and articulate and demonstrated a mastery that belied the image some have of Gandhi as a dilettante,"

NGO enggan mohon maaf, gesa JPN bincang kehilangan anak Indira

Pasukan Bertindak Indira Gandhi bertegas siasatan awal menunjukkan ada pihak cuba menyembunyikan identiti Prasana Diksa untuk mengelakkan dikesan, sama ada mengubah atau mengeluarkan sekeping lagi MyKid baginya.

Talk to us about Indira’s missing daughter, NGO urges authorities

Group brushes off demand for apology from National Registration Department.

MyKid wasn’t issued to Indira Gandhi’s daughter, clarifies home minister

National Registration Department seeks apology from group for making wrong claim and tarnishing its name.

Muhyiddin nafi dakwaan JPN diarah keluar MyKid baru bagi anak bongsu...

Ketua pengarah JPN pula menuntut Pasukan Bertindak Indira Gandhi memohon maaf kerana memfitnah agensi itu atau berdepan tindakan undang-undang.

Ganjaran RM10,000 untuk kesan bekas suami, anak Indira

Pasukan Bertindak Indira Gandhi menawarkan RM10,000 untuk menjejaki Muhammad Riduan dan Prasana Diksa yang hilang 10 tahun lalu.

RM10,000 reward to trace Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband, daughter

Indira Gandhi Action Team (Ingat) hopes the public will come forward to provide information on Muhammad Riduan Abdullah and Prasana Diksa.

Polis teruskan usaha kesan bekas suami Indira

Usaha mengesan dan menangkap Muhammad Riduan Abdullah masih berterusan sejak 30 Mei 2014.

Court cases that rocked the nation in 2018

Last year saw some of the biggest court cases in recent history – from a landmark decision on conversions to the charging of a former prime minister over the 1MDB scandal.

Kidnapped Malaysians: Where are they?

Let us remember these people as we enter 2019, with the hope that police will act with some sense of urgency in solving these cases and bring some relief to their families.