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Indonesian YouTube stars get chance for university place

University places are highly competitive in Indonesia, the world's fourth most populous country, with over 260 million people.

Japan’s Inpex agrees on Framework for US$20 billion Indonesian LNG project

Japan’s Inpex agrees on a framework with Indonesia for the US$20 billion Abadi liquefied natural gas project, a key step toward reaching final investment for one of the world’s biggest export ventures.

Indonesia returns 5 containers of waste to the US

Indonesia is currently examining several other containers in Jakarta's port and the city of Batam on the island of Sumatra.

Buffalo horn roofs and the simple charm of Padang

Padang in West Sumatra has its charms and visitors can happily spend a day or two here.

One Asian market’s quickening inflation splits it from the pack

Indonesia’s inflation numbers for May are forecast to highlight the rupiah’s improving fortunes and show why the currency may greatly outperform many of its Asian peers this year.

Padang: Interesting eats and Luwak coffee

When eating at hidang-style restaurants be careful of the hygiene factor and be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for premium coffee.

Indonesia rate cut depends on timing, deputy governor says

Indonesian Deputy Governor Dody Waluyo says Indonesia’s central bank is discussing the possibility of cutting interest rates but is waiting for the right time to do so.

Non-alcoholic beer and ‘borrowing’ toilets

Different countries have different cultures and different norms.

Seventeen missing after cargo vessel sinks in Indonesia

Seventeen people are missing after a cargo boat sank off eastern Indonesia, the latest maritime accident to hit the sprawling archipelago nation.

Suspected Indonesian militant wounded in failed suicide bombing

An Indonesian militant suspected of being influenced by Islamic State injures himself as he tried to blow himself up in a suicide attack outside a Java police station.

Indonesian cities empty out as millions leave to mark end of...

Some 15 million people are expected to clear out of Jakarta.

Former Indonesian first lady, Ani Yudhoyono, dies

Yudhoyono has been receiving cancer treatment at the hospital since February this year.

Penjual burger antara 3 didakwa terlibat aktiviti pengganas

2 tertuduh didakwa dengan niat pergi ke Indonesia bagi melakukan perbuatan pengganas, sementara seorang lagi ke Wilayah Sinai, Mesir untuk niat yang sama.

Off the beaten track in Makassar

Makassar has some interesting attractions for the intrepid traveller

Chocolate addiction leaves Asia with a craving impossible to satisfy

Asia is becoming a chocolate frenzied continent with more cocoa shipments coming into our shores from Africa and South America.

Let’s keep Malaysia beautiful, not see it burn

To help foster unity, the government should make it a priority to educate people on fact checking, especially postings on social media.

Indonesia arrests 6 over plot to kill officials during unrest

Five men and one woman are charged with possession of weapons, a charge which carried a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Penganut Islam termasuk Syiah, Ahmadiah berbuka puasa bersama di Indonesia

Majlis itu turut diadakan diskusi terbuka mengenai konsep 'Iman Mahdi' yang dikatakan pertama kali dianjurkan.

Indonesia lifts social media curbs targeting hoaxes during unrest

The curbs has been criticise by opposition figures as being authoritarian.

Pilpres Indonesia: Prabowo belum mengaku kalah, fail petisyen di Mahkamah Konstitusi

Lebih 500 petugas Pemilu dilaporkan meninggal dunia kerana 'kepenatan' dan serangan jantung dalam mengendalikan proses Pemilu 2019.

Indonesian opposition set to challenge election result in court

The election agency says there is no evidence of systematic cheating and independent observers say the poll was free and fair.

Jakarta protesters disperse after second night of post-election unrest

The police have found envelopes with cash on some of the rioters prompting allegations of paid mobs.

Wisma Putra minta jauhi lokasi demo di Indonesia susulan rusuhan

Terdapat kemungkinan tunjuk perasaan besar-besaran di Jakarta dan kota-kota lain di Indonesia.

Indonesia to limit social media features to prevent hoaxes

The move comes after the announcement of official election results which has caused civil unrest in Indonesia.