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Tag: industrialisation

Sarawak attracting Chinese, South Korean investors, says CM

Abang Johari Openg says this is because the state is politically stable.

From Proton Saga to Geely: A Malaysian failure

Despite getting RM360 billion and government protection, Proton failed to survive. In the end, it was taken over by a Chinese company that did not even exist in 1985.

Mukhriz to continue his aborted plans for Kedah if PH wins

The former Kedah menteri besar says good plans and strategies he had put in place were not implemented by Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, who succeeded him after he resigned in 2016.

High time shipping charges were regulated, says FMM

Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers calls for a maritime port commission to ensure transport charges are regulated to make ports competitive.

Malaysia’s port dreams not dead yet, says economist

He says changes in strategy, an upswing in commodity prices and a little Alibaba 'magic' might save Malaysian ports.

Mega port projects risk failure, say industry experts

Putrajaya not addressing right issues in quest to build new ports and upgrade existing ones, especially with decline in manufacturing industry, says source.

Economist says Malaysia’s deindustrialisation is worrying

Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram says Malaysia's shrinking industries and heavy reliance on its services sector is a sign of failure rather than success.

Mahathir seeking a scapegoat for his grand failures

Not willing to accept that he was wrong and Wawasan 2020 not really workable after twice derailed by oil crises