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Umno dismisses Dr M’s call for PAS to apologise over ‘kafir’...

Let bygones be bygones, says Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.

Declare Umno an Islamic party before forging pact, Dr M tells...

The PH chairman says this was because PAS had previously declared Umno members as being infidels.

Muftis’ support for ‘kafir’ and the silence that follows

Academics should help reinstate the place of Islam in the constitution and uphold the values of the Rukun Negara.

PAS now a ‘sophisticated’ and respected party, Umno veep tells Dr...

Mohamed Khaled Nordin defends the PAS-Umno alliance after the prime minister recalls the time PAS labelled Umno members as infidels.

Hadi claims Amanah causing rift among Muslims

PAS president says the splinter party is unduly targeting PAS-held seats in GE14 but is confident it will not succeed in dislodging PAS.

Mahathir: I did not label muftis as kafir

Former PM writes to Utusan Malaysia to clarify what he meant.

If muftis had intervened, Memali tragedy could have been averted, says...

PPBM chairman says muftis’ failure to speak out against the ‘Amanat Hadi’ had paved the way for followers of Ibrahim Libya to kill police officers in Memali in 1985.

Repent and rescind your ‘Amanat Hadi’, Mahathir tells PAS supremo

PPBM president says controversial portion of Abdul Hadi Awang’s speech in 1981 has caused a deep and lasting split among Malay-Muslims.

PAS assures won’t label those opposing Hadi’s Bill as infidels

As this is a democratic process, MPs who want to support should do so and those who do not want to support can do so, says PAS secretary-general.

Scholar: Nothing wrong in saying ‘kafir harbi’

It does not necessarily mean that non-Muslims who are against Islam should be killed, says Jakim man, and calls for simple language to be used communicating with the public.