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Tag: injustice

Native land rights: Don’t be traitors, activist tells Sarawak lawmakers

Peter John Jaban says the proposed amendment to land code to be tabled at the July 9 sitting of the Sarawak assembly does not do justice to the natives.

Philanthropist-businessman tells why May 13 won’t happen again

Koon Yew Yin says the situation today is totally different from that in 1969, with too many Malay political and non-political players opposing BN for this to happen.

Shooting motivated by video blogger’s anger with YouTube, police say

An Iranian-born woman who blogged about surviving in a world filled with "injustice and diseases" opened fire at YouTube's California headquarters because she was angry at a site she believed was suppressing her videos, police said on Wednesday.

New Zealand passes law to quash historic gay convictions

Lawmakers have unanimously passed a bill late Tuesday allowing people convicted of consensual homosexual sex to have their records expunged.

What do Zunar, Zacharevic, Fahmi and Namewee have in common?

They are not politicians or members of social activism groups, but they are not afraid to speak out against injustice and corruption.

Ex-judge: Court not using power it has over EC

Laws are in place to give judges the power to remedy an injustice in the case of seven Melaka voters and MPs against Election Commission, says Gopal Sri Ram.

Jail for stealing food case raises questions about justice for the...

In voicing concern over an unemployed man being jailed for stealing food, two lawyers say the courts must be more sensitive and ensure sentences help reform perpetrators, not lead to more problems.

Ex-judge says court failed to use its additional powers in EC...

Paragraph 1 of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964 gives judges the additional power to remedy a wrong, especially on fundamental rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution, says Sri Ram.

Court rules against placing Gatco settlers under behavioural bond

Magistrate Mohd Redza Azhar Razali says the police action does not comply with the required procedure and law.

Court to hear bid by Najib, Zahid to revoke Khairuddin’s 1MDB...

The action comes in the wake of Khairuddin claiming they breached their constitutional oaths by making misleading statements over 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion deposited into Najib’s personal accounts.

G25: Time for full 1MDB disclosure and closure

A report prepared by G25, containing proposals on improving governance, the civil service, and other sectors, calls on the government to release a full and transparent report on 1MDB.

Muslim-owned companies must follow shariah laws, court told

As Islam is the religion of the federation, those who control the ‘mind and muscle’ of corporate entities must be subject to Islamic laws, says lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah in book seizure case involving Zaid’s son.

Don’t arrest us again, plea by Cameron Highlands PSM, farmers

Cameron Highlands PSM and several farmers and stallholders request the police not stand in their way if they are forced to have another sit-in at the Pahang MB's office this December.

When will the influential speak up for the Ah Bengs?

The elites are too concerned with profits, power and the good life to speak up against abuse of power, corruption, and injustice.

Speak up against abuse, hold leaders accountable, says ex-CJ

Dzaiddin Abdullah says for any nation to progress, there must be space for dialogue and legitimate opposing views, both online and offline, without the use of dubious laws to clamp down on them.

Yes, Indians benefited from 2007 Hindraf rally, admits top MIC official

He agrees opposition coalition broke the 'glass ceiling' following 2008 general election and Indians were given high posts – such as that of deputy chief minister and speaker - in government.

Bar: Prime minister must have no role in judicial appointments

The Judiciary is compromised as the prime minister can veto proposals by the Judicial Appointments Commission, says its president George Varughese.

Free Anwar now, and here are the reasons, says his international...

Kimberley Motley says Anwar is in hospital, has already served more than 1,000 days, and the world is watching how Malaysia treats its citizens, especially this ‘prisoner of conscience’.

Zaid: Culture of indifference weakening judiciary

Former de facto law minister says it is rare to find judges and lawyers who are willing to put their careers at risk by going against the prime minister's wishes.

Enough evidence for MACC to probe 1MDB, says ex-anti-graft officer

Saying court proceedings in Singapore, and the US Department of Justice’s reports, can be used in investigations into 1MDB, a former state ACA chief adds there will be no overlap with any police probe as police deal with Penal Code offences.

Orang Asli in Camerons need better roads, says DAP

The DAP's former Cameron Highlands candidate M Manogaran says the Orang Asli also have rights to the country's funds.

Court ruling sends message it’s cheaper to kill suspects, warn lawyers

Retired judge and lawyers say the majority decision which stops family members from filing a claim for exemplary damages in custodial deaths is a blot on the judiciary.

MCA Youth against govt decision on unilateral conversion of children

MCA Youth vice chairman Nicole Wong reasserts party's position that the religion of minor children must be decided by both parents.

‘No man above the law concept inapplicable in Malaysia’

Prominent human rights activist and lawyer S Ambiga says people are watching the apparent ‘erosion of justice happening here’.