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Impossible for Adib to step out from van to escape riot,...

Forensic expert Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid says it seems impossible for someone to jump down from reversing van.

Adib likely to have been in ‘twilight zone’, expert tells inquest

Forensic expert Dr Shahrom Abd Wahid says fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim was most likely in a state of shock and pain.

Temple task force withdraws appeal over Adib inquest

This comes after the Attorney-General's Chambers withdraws application to strike out the task force's appeal.

Ivana case documents to be handed over to High Court

Lawyer SN Nair says hearing dates will only be fixed after notes of proceedings and other relevant documents have been submitted.

Court defers Adib inquest proceedings

This as the last witness, Shahrom Abd Wahib, was unable to attend court today due to personal reasons.

Forensic expert tells Adib’s inquest he didn’t go to temple riot...

He says he only focused on the findings of Adib's injuries and not where it happened.

Adib may have been pulled from van and hit by passenger...

Former HUKM forensic doctor Shahrom Abd Wahib bases this on injuries found on the fireman's body.

IGP should clarify statement that Adib was assaulted, says cop probing...

Investigating officer Lew Keng Joe says there were no marks on Adib's face and there would be head injuries if he had been assaulted.

Cops still looking for those who attacked fire truck, inquest told

Investigating officer Lew Keng Joe says they have been unable to obtain clear images of the suspects from video footage of the incident.

Unlikely that Adib was assaulted, says pathologist

Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s Dr Mohd Shah Mahmood says this was based on the fireman’s injuries during the post-mortem.

Adib’s ribs were broken ‘in a straight line’, says pathologist

Dr Mohd Shah Mahmood says he never saw rib injuries in a straight line before this.

Impossible for Adib to have been dragged out of van, inquest...

Forensic doctor says a reconstruction of the incident shows it is more likely that the fireman's injuries were caused by the van’s door.

No trace of blood, DNA, clothing fibre on fire truck and...

Chemistry Department official says he did not find any trace of human blood, clothing fibre, or hair on both the fire truck and van that were deployed to the Seafield temple riot last year.

IJN nurse apologises at inquest for wrongful claims about Adib’s injuries

Nurse Siti Syafika Amira Mohd Rasani says she had made certain claims about injuries suffered by fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim without knowing the facts.

Adib may have stepped out of EMRS van during riot, doctor...

He says he did not find any injuries during his post-mortem to suggest the fireman was pulled out from his medical van.

Doctor insists Adib’s injuries not due to assault

Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, who conducted the post-mortem, says he found no injuries consistent with violent acts.

Adib’s left ribs ‘snapped’ at SJMC and IJN, pathologist tells inquest

However, Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi says the fireman's injuries were consistent to being hit in the back by the door of his EMRS van.

Adib’s right lung pierced by broken ribs, doctor tells inquest

Dr Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi, from Hospital Kuala Lumpur, says this was seen in a CT scan before the post-mortem on Dec 18.

Inquest hears why FRU at Seafield temple didn’t quell rioting

Federal Reserve Unit officer says his team was told to be on standby only and to await instructions from the Subang Jaya district HQ but that no instruction to proceed came.

Witness tells of rowdy rioters where Adib fell

But Mohsin Budd says he doesn't know what they were doing there.