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Dr M nasihat orang Melayu cintai negara lebih dari diri sendiri

Perdana menteri juga menyarankan golongan muda menimba ilmu kewangan dan perniagaan sebanyak yang boleh.

Facebook increases pressure on Snapchat with ‘Threads’ app

Threads app is the fastest way to share a photo or video with user's close friends on Instagram.

Jadi trend ada masalah rumah tangga tapi mengadu di media sosial!

Sebenarnya tidak salah untuk berkongsi atau meluahkan apa yang dialami tetapi sebaik-baiknya, berkongsi atau luahkanlah kepada individu yang dipercayai seperti rakan baik atau ahli keluarga.

F1 leader Hamilton no longer a follower on Instagram

Lewis Hamilton still follows people in F1 closely just to see what they are up to.

London selfie shop lets Instagram generation strike a pose

The Selfie Factory is the brainchild of owner Will Bower, who wanted to bring an abundance of abstract Instagrammable scenes under one roof.

Facebook bans self-harm images in fight against suicide

Facebook's move comes amid growing criticism of how social media companies moderate violent and potentially dangerous content.

Kisah nenek Instafamous jadi ikon fesyen

Bukan wanita muda dan cantik sahaja boleh jadi ikon kini wanita yang bergelar nenek juga boleh jadi ikon fesyen dan produk kecantikan.

Facebook to rebrand WhatsApp and Instagram as apps ‘from Facebook’

'We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,' a spokesperson says.

Instagram hides ‘likes’ from more users

The social media giant's trial changes mean users in six countries will no longer be able to see the number of likes other people's posts receive.

Applying mascara, male bloggers challenge Russia gender norms

Male beauty bloggers are creating waves in Russia through make-up tutorials, breaking down gender stereotypes in a conservative Russia.

Melanie Griffith shares the secret to her fitness on Instagram

Hollywood actress Melanie Griffith posts a clip of her workout regime on Instagram as she shares health and fitness tips to her followers.

Big cats of Instagram: Pakistani elite’s love of exotic wildlife

Pakistani laws make it easy to import exotic animals, but once inside the country, regulation is almost non-existent.

Kongsi aktiviti harian di Instagram, pekerja binaan jadi ‘influencer’ di Instagram

Media sosial pada zaman kini sememangnya memainkan peranan besar dalam kehidupan seseorang malah ia juga mampu mempengaruhi keadaan sekeliling.

Dani Alves to depart PSG, destination unknown

'Another cycle in my life ends today, a victorious cycle, one of learning and experiences,' says Alves in his Instagram.

Gunnar Peterson brings new programme to Chris Hemsworth’s Centr

The programme is suitable for all workout levels, and it's especially well suited to those who haven't exercised before.

Instagram, PlayStation hit with outages

Instagram and PlayStation users had to contend with outages on their favourite platforms.

No special treatment: Fake video of Zuckerberg stays on Instagram

Instagram will refrain from taking down a "deepfake video" of Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg bragging about controlling billions of people's "stolen" personal data.

Lisa Blackpink jadi artis K-pop pertama miliki 20 juta pengikut

Kumpulan Blackpink berasal dari Korea menjadi terkenal dan diikuti ramai di seluruh dunia.

Instagram says not source of contact info for influential users

The online cache of data has been traced back to Mumbai-based social media marketing firm Chtrbox.

Online trove of Instagram influencer info unguarded

Scrapping information from Instagram accounts is against policies at the photo and video-centric social network owned by Facebook.

Deadly Instagram: Who is to blame?

Children should be taught to empathise with those facing mental health problems.

When help and compassion, not condemnation, is needed

Our duty is to provide professional help to those in need of it, coupled with emotional support from family and friends.

Parent-child relationships key, expert says after Instagram suicide poll

UM's Mariani Mohd Nor says suicide cases are not necessarily linked to mental illness.

MCMC, cops to see whether cyberbullying laws need tightening

Minister Gobind Singh Deo says his ministry will amend laws if it becomes necessary following case of Sarawak girl killing herself after conducting Instagram poll.