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Deadly Instagram: Who is to blame?

Children should be taught to empathise with those facing mental health problems.

When help and compassion, not condemnation, is needed

Our duty is to provide professional help to those in need of it, coupled with emotional support from family and friends.

Parent-child relationships key, expert says after Instagram suicide poll

UM's Mariani Mohd Nor says suicide cases are not necessarily linked to mental illness.

MCMC, cops to see whether cyberbullying laws need tightening

Minister Gobind Singh Deo says his ministry will amend laws if it becomes necessary following case of Sarawak girl killing herself after conducting Instagram poll.

Undian bunuh diri mungkin langgar garis panduan, kata Instagram

Ketua dasar awam Instagram, Karina Newton dan ketua produk, Vishal Shah berkata, syarikat itu sedang mengkaji jenis pelanggaran kandungan, tetapi enggan mengulas langkah yang mungkin diambilnya.

Instagram says suicide poll may have violated guidelines

Head of public policy Karina Newton and head of product Vishal Shah say they are looking into the nature of the content violations but will not speculate on possible action.

Syed Saddiq wants ‘honest’ discussion on mental health after teen’s suicide

Minister says he will start the ball rolling by hosting a dialogue this Friday on this growing mental health issue.

Orang hasut gadis bunuh diri boleh dihukum 20 tahun penjara, kata...

SKKM berkata pesalah boleh dihukum bawah Seksyen 305 Kanun Keseksaan iaitu kesalahan menyubahati perlakuan kesalahan membunuh diri.

Those who incited girl to commit suicide liable to 20 years’...

It states that under Penal Code, it is wrong to incite someone aged below 18 to commit suicide.

CIA launches Instagram account

The Instagram posting was an expansion of the premier US spy agency's effort to recruit a younger generation of officers, agents and analysts.

Facebook says it stored ‘millions’ of unencrypted Instagram passwords

"We discovered additional logs of Instagram passwords being stored in a readable format. We now estimate that this issue impacted millions of Instagram users,"

Social media platform updates: Skype, Twitter, Facebook

Every week, the most popular apps and social media platforms get updated. Here's a summary of what changes you'll be seeing in the near future if you don't already.

Social media popular, yet not trust worthy

Political news happens to be the most untrustworthy, yet people need their daily news dosage.

Teen held in Taiping for threatening to post semi-nude photos of...

The 18-year-old boy had befriended the Form Four student through Instagram, introducing himself as a modelling agent.

UK will fine Facebook, Instagram for hosting terrorist content

In the wake of free media being distributed on Facebook and Instagram, the UK decides to take action of social media sites.

Britain’s Harry and Meghan break Instagram followers record

The royals beat a record previously held by South Korean K-pop singer Kang Daniel, who achieved one million followers in 11 hours, 36 minutes.

UK’s Prince Harry and Meghan launch their own Instagram account

Previously, the couple shared photos on the account run by Kensington Palace.

Instagram moves into e-commerce with shopping button

Previously, people wanting to buy products featured in Instagram posts had to follow links to outside online shopping sites.

Social network outage triggers moans and soul searching

As of early Thursday, the problem remained in parts of Europe and Asia, although moaning from America and elsewhere continued.

Satu dunia down… Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram

Netizen gelisah apabila media sosial popular seperti Facebook, WhatsApp dan Instagram alami gangguan teknikal

Outage hits Facebook, Instagram users worldwide

The tech giant says the outage is not related to an attack aimed at overwhelming the network.

Billionaire Kylie Jenner is the future of shopping

Kylie Jenner's method embodies the trends of ultra-celebrity branding, Instagram and smartphone shopping, which are reshaping the retail landscape in everything from liquid foundation to food.

Ratu Elizabeth II hantar posting pertama ke akaun Instagram ‘theroyalfamily’

Gambar surat dari kurun ke-19 pencipta dan pakar matematik menajdi posting pertama Ratu Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth posts Instagram image on Science Museum tour

The 92-year-old monarch first toured the Science Museum in 1938.