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Meet insulin, your body’s most food-dependent hormone

Keeping insulin levels too high constantly can desensitise your cells to it and lead to pre-diabetic resistance.

Diabetics stock up on insulin over Brexit fears

Some 3.7 million Britons are diabetics and depend on insulin imports from continental Europe.

Night shift plus unhealthy lifestyle equals higher diabetes risk

New research has found that women who work rotating night shifts and have unhealthy lifestyle habits have a particularly high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

New study advises storing insulin with a thermometer

The researchers recruited 388 diabetes patients and asked them to place MedAngel ONE temperature sensors either next to their insulin in the fridge and/or in their diabetes bag for insulin.

Hindar 5 jenis pemakanan ini untuk elak diabetes

Diet yang diterapkan setiap hari bukan sahaja mampu elak diabetes malahan penyakit lain yang berbahaya.

Understanding pre-diabetes and how to reverse it

The formal medical explanation for pre-diabetes is either 'impaired fasting glucose' or 'impaired glucose tolerance'.

15 myths about diabetes busted

Not every diabetic goes blind or has their legs amputated. Get enlightened about these and other myths that show how you can lead a productive, healthy life even with diabetes.

Dedicated doc at Hospital Taiping will be dearly missed

Just when doctors recommended amputation, one orthopaedic surgeon stepped in to ensure my grandmother's leg was saved.