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Tag: Insurance

What happens if your business literally burns down?

Fire insurance covers damage or loss to a property because of fire and gives the policyholder the option to renew and review the policy after every year.

Financial planning after losing a spouse

It is devastating to lose a spouse but it is also important to plan for the future.

Tycoon Richard Li’s FWD in talks to buy MetLife Hong Kong

FWD is buying insurance assets across Asia, agreeing in October to acquire control of Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s Indonesian life insurance arm.

Persian Gulf oil shipments now cost more than US$500,000 to insure

The vulnerability of maritime traffic in the wake of six attacks on tankers since early May has been the excuse used by underwriters to charge higher premiums.

Crash! What to do after a road accident

Here are four simple points to bear in mind in case the unexpected happens on the road.

Govt tells Socso to extend scheme to farmers, fishermen

Self-employed workers should also receive protection in the event of an accident, says minister.

Kenyan radio builds herders’ trust in drought insurance

Mohamed has been using her show to discuss topic such as good governance and livestock breeding to children's rights and challenging gender roles.

7 urgent financial goals to work on right this minute

From cutting your spending to getting out of debt and saving for emergencies, these goals will result in improved finances and greater peace of mind.

How to go about appointing nominees and trustees

Here is a detailed guide on how to make good decisions in regard to your life insurance policies and EPF in the event you pass away.

Govt to consider raising age limit for mySalam health scheme

The national health protection scheme is currently open to those between 18 and 55.

Understanding what Insurance Assignment is all about

An Insurance Assignment is the transfer of ownership from the Policy Owner to another person.

The MySalam scheme: Are Malaysians being shortchanged?

There are many loopholes in the scheme that need to be addressed.

Everything you should know about your first insurance policy

Read on for the most common yet important questions you should ask when buying your first insurance policy for yourself or your children.

Dealing with the financial impact of critical chronic diseases

WHO says the key to address these is to improve the management of its response - detection, early screening and treatment as well as palliative care.

MMA: Have healthcare insurance plan before using private hospital facilities

MMA president Dr Mohamed Namazie Ibrahim says this will allow the government to come up with proper financing and also allow both parties to agree on charges for the use of private hospital facilities.

New insurance scheme to benefit 3.7 million poor Malaysians launched

The prime minister says the scheme is meant to increase the insurance and takaful penetration for the B40 group.

Is travel insurance really necessary?

While optional, travel insurance does cover common concurrences like flight delays, luggage loss, theft, accidents, and medical expenses.

How to deal with an emergency like flooding

Prepare for the worst by ensuring you have adequate vehicle and property insurance coverage to mitigate the losses you will incur during a flood.

Critical Illness insurance and why you need it

While medical insurance covers hospitalisation, doctor’s fees, surgery and medication, Critical Illness insurance coverage is payable to YOU during your recovery.

Outraged Democrats vow to challenge court ruling undercutting Obamacare

Democrats, who have seen the law survive scores of legal and legislative attacks, vowed to fight back, saying the health coverage of millions of Americans is at stake.

Obamacare thrown out by judge, raising insurance uncertainty

US District Judge Reed O’Connor in Fort Worth agreed with a coalition of Republican states led by Texas that he had to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act.

California wildfire insurance claims hit US$9 billion

State and federal authorities say it will cost at least US$3 billion to clear debris from the blazes.

How to contribute to Socso when we earn pittance, ask cabbies

They say they are aware of the importance of having insurance coverage but they just can't afford it.

93% of e-hailing, taxi drivers don’t contribute to Socso, says Kula

The human resources ministry is working with the transport ministry on a mechanism to bar these drivers from renewing their licence if they refuse to contribute to Socso.