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Thai official dismisses Muslim insurgent demand on detainees

The Thai government rejects a demand by Barisan Revolusi Nasional to release its detainees stating adherence to the judicial procedure is required.

Ambulance driver killed in Myanmar as army battles rebels

The Myanmar army claims the attacks were in retaliation for massive drug seizures in July, but insurgents say they were responding to military offensives.

Thailand links Bangkok bombs to southern insurgents

Thailand remains deeply divided after a controversial election in March returned a junta to power as a civilian government, but it is also locked in a violent rebellion in the south that has killed thousands over the past 15 years.

Thai army probe says rebel suspect could have been suffocated

The rebels are seeking autonomy for the culturally distinct region free from the Buddhist-majority Thai state, which colonised the area over a century ago.

Papua New Guinea police minister says cops plotting his arrest

Papua New Guinea's new reformist police minister warns of a plot by officers to detain and possibly kill him, as a battle for control of the nation's much-maligned police force turns ugly.

Seven shot dead during polls in Bangladesh hills

The insurgency in the Chittagong Hills Tracts have left dozens killed over the years.

3 protesters dead during violent unrest in Iraq’s Basra

10 members of the security forces are also wounded.

German ‘military advisor’ to Taliban arrested in Afghanistan

Photographs taken show him to be in his 40s with a long reddish-brown beard speckled with grey

Afghanistan’s Ghani offers talks with Taliban “without preconditions”

The Taliban is to give input to the peace-making process to draw them, as an organisation, to peace talks.

Egypt begins security operation against ‘terrorists’, army spokesman says

The operation covers areas in the Sinai region, the Nile Delta, and the Western Desert, and is intended to put an end to an Islamist insurgency.

Asean nations must brace themselves for small-scale IS attacks

Pawel Wojcik, an analyst on terrorism issues says the use of such warfare is not a recent development as it has been favoured by the Islamic State for a long time.

Cross-region cooperation between anti-terrorism agencies needed

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict says security agencies covering South and Southeast Asia should sit at the same table when counter-terrorism strategy is discussed.

Thailand tightens border security following info on militancy

General Piyawat Nakwanich denies that the move is due to fears of Islamic State presence, saying it is linked to feedback on the local insurgent movement.

Refer demands to Malaysia, Thai separatist group told

Pattani-based Barisan Revolusi Nasional has been asked to register its demands with Malaysia, which is the facilitator for the southern Thailand peace process.

Great patriots emerge during crisis

The government's move to declassify top secret missions during the two-decade insurgency, has revealed the identities of real patriots within our midst.

‘End game was not to terminate them but rehabilitate them’

Former senior police officer Paul Kiong tells how he infiltrated communist lines and formed life-long friendships with “converted” communists.

Najib pledges full commitment to Bangsamoro peace

Malaysia will be 'honest broker' in renewed negotiations between Moro movement and Philippine government.

Senior Pattani rebel leader freed

Daud Ternang among eight released as part of peace process in southern Thailand.

Archived: Investigate new killings in southern Thai

Human Rights Watch says a failure to investigate attacks will hinder justice and fuel reprisals.

Archived: Millions pushed into child labour in Pakistan

These children are driven into labour by the crushing weight of poverty.

US pullout leaves Iraq fragile, divided

The last of the remaining US troops have left Iraq, leaving the country to grapple with an uncertain future.

Cycle of revenge hangs over Libya

Libya now faces the prospect of insurgency as public anger is on the boil again over the inability of the interim government to rein in its brigades.