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Integrity very much alive in Malaysian universities

Academic ethical malpractices exist. What we oppose is the manner of its exposition and its damning implications for all those who teach and conduct research in Malaysian universities.

Why is Upko not named in MACC’s civil forfeiture, asks Sabah...

Sabah Umno says this shows the action is politically motivated.

Dash cam exposes inadequacies at car service centre

A customer’s dash cam reveals suspicious goings on inside a car service centre.

Crying need for integrity in business, nation, says Malaysia Airports boss

Saying corruption has become infused into the DNA of the public and private sectors, Raja Azmi Raja Nazuddin calls on young people to build an ethical inventory and to speak up against ills in society.

When integrity issues knock on PH’s doors

The problems of integrity in Umno and PAS are nothing new. But when they are faced by PH which came to power on a promise to clean up, it raises questions.

Election candidates must have integrity, says Sarawak assistant minister

Abdullah Saidol says election candidates should not talk about big issues but lie about their academic credentials.

Fighting corruption early for the good of the country

Malaysia’s continuing corruption epidemic can be addressed by teaching children good values, claim experts.

Get rid of ‘bangsa’, ‘agama’ in MyKad to achieve unity, says...

Mariam Mokhtar says this is among the steps that must be taken in the quest for national integration.

People will suffer if leaders lack integrity, says Sultan Nazrin

The deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong says poverty will increase if leaders are only focused on accumulating material wealth through dubious methods.

Live coverage of Najib’s case will taint trial, say lawyers

They say witnesses will be able to see what is happening and what other witnesses are saying and this can affect the integrity of the trial.

Facebook hires British ex-deputy PM as global affairs head

The former politician has pushed for a second referendum that could stop Brexit but the proposal has been ruled out by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Push for reforms finally bearing fruit, says Lee Lam Thye

The activist says he has been advocating the Ombudsman and IPCMC all this while.

Police interview lawyer over alleged judicial interference in Karpal’s sedition appeal

Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla says he will divulge the source of his information if a special task force is formed to conduct a preliminary investigation or before a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Is there hope for the civil service?

We need to get rid of the culture of censuring those in the civil service who speak up when they see wrong being done.

EC looking at proposals to improve next GE

Deputy minister says government will not direct the Election Commission to do anything but it hopes the EC will discharge its duties competently.

Lawyer: PM has constitutional role in appointment of judges

Zainur Zakaria says the constitution states that the prime minister advises the king on the appointment of judges, therefore it is baseless to apply to recuse the judges hearing any case involving the PM.

Prasarana board wants suspected LRT3 abuses investigated

The board says Prasarana is committed to upholding integrity following the finance minister’s claim that the LRT3 project is a ‘mini 1MDB’ as the real cost has been hidden from the public.

Ariff will bring dignity, class to Dewan Rakyat, say lawyers

Newly appointed speaker has the experience and temperament to make the 222-member house a world-class centre of political debate, say lawyers and fellow ex-judges.

Gerakan must return to its roots, says founder’s son

Syed Farid Alatas says it’s going to be tough but Gerakan needs to rebuild itself by looking at the philosophy of its founding fathers.

Time to focus on re-building Umno, says Mohamad Hasan

He says the problems within Umno caused by negative issues and lies are now all over.

Clean heads needed to end graft in enforcement units, PH told

Criminologist P Sundramoorthy says weak organisational structure and leaders will only lead to more corruption.

Ex-top cops still listed as advance voters, Bersih’s check shows

Bersih 2.0 says it has found countless irregularities in the electoral roll.

Bersih to EC: Explain ‘strange’ decision to bar Suhakam

Acting chairman Shahrul Aman Mohd Saari says Election Commission should be more transparent by cooperating with Suhakam and NGOs to ensure polling goes well.

Malaysia facing an integrity crisis, says TI-M chief

Akhbar Satar says Malaysia never learns from past A-G reports but keeps returning to square one.