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Tag: intelligence

The whistleblower who has threatened Trump’s presidency

It is suggested the whistleblower is a skilled analyst deeply knowledgeable about Eastern European politics with strong contacts in the White House.

Snowden says would like French asylum

Edward Snowden applied for asylum in France under former president Francois Hollande in 2013.

S.Korea to scrap intelligence-sharing pact with Japan amid feud

With the decision not to extend the pact, the political and trade disputes between South Korea and Japan now extend into some of the most sensitive national security issues in the region.

Trump names new acting intelligence director as Gordon quits

Critics say Donald Trump is suspicious of career officials like Sue Gordon in an establishment he is trying to reshape in his own image.

Trump’s pick for Intelligence Chief withdraws from nomination

Trump blames John Ratcliffe’s withdrawal on the media’s attacks on him.

Iran ‘responsible’ for Gulf of Oman attacks says Pompeo

'It is the assessment of the United States that the Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for the attacks,' Pompeo says.

David Schwimmer returns to comedy in the new Sky series ‘Intelligence’

The driving force in the workplace comedy will be the mismatch between a power-hungry NSA agent and an awkwardly spacey computer analyst.

CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince behind Khashoggi murder

The US assessment directly contradicts the conclusions of a Saudi prosecutor one day prior.

Ex-intel chief slapped with CBT charge, RM500,000 bail

Hasanah Ab Hamid is accused of misappropriating RM50 million in government funds between April 30 and May 9.

Espionage scandals show Russian army’s growing clout

Intelligence experts say the GRU has stepped up its activities including black operations - covert missions that are not attributable to the organisation carrying it out - as tensions mount between Russia and the West.

Guatemala’s ex-spy chief acquitted of human rights violations

Lawyers for the victims and their families say that testimonies from survivors have proven that acts of human rights violations and sexual assault were committed in Guatemala.

Man who served in US Army Reserves accused of spying for...

The Justice Department says a Chinese citizen is arrested on charges that he covertly worked for a high-ranking Chinese intelligence official.

Swiss intelligence helped foil alleged Russian plot to spy on government...

Swiss and Dutch newspapers reported that the suspected agents were heading for the Spiez laboratory near Bern which analyses chemical and biological weapons.

Ex-intel chief Hasanah released but passport withheld

Her lawyer says Hasanah is ready to cooperate with the authorities whenever needed.

MACC to question Hishammuddin over ex-intel chief’s case, says lawyer

But Shaharudin Ali says his client, Hasanah Ab Hamid, has denied that the former defence minister was involved in the matter.

Ex-intel chief of CIA letter fame arrested

A source says that Hasanah Ab Hamid is under MACC custody and will be brought to court tomorrow.

Struggling to get a date? You might be too intelligent says...

Despite intelligence often being rated as one of the most important characteristics when looking for a partner, those who are too clever may actually be less attractive to the opposite sex

Is Austria’s secret service passing intelligence to Moscow?

German secret service BND's former head August Hanning cautioned that a secret service that doesn't protect sensitive information and sources of its partners must be treated with caution.

Trump aims tweet at LeBron James, questions his intelligence

Trump has repeatedly and strongly criticized the NFL in particular for not punishing players who kneel during the national anthem in a form of protest.

Suspected Russian spy found in Moscow’s US embassy.

A female employee came under suspicion following a routine security sweep by the State Department - it found she was having regular unauthorised meetings with the Russian intelligence agency FSB.

Yes, it’s treason, say lawyers after intel chief defends letter to...

Hasanah Ab Hamid also breached protocol when she asked a foreign government to take sides in Malaysia's domestic affairs, says former Special Branch agent SN Nair.

Is this the letter from Najib’s officer to CIA boss?

We publish what is said to be the full text of a letter written a week before the May 9 election, pitching Najib Razak's administration as a crucial ally that would work in Washington's favour.

US intelligence documents on Nelson Mandela made public

US intelligence documents on Nelson Mandela were made public, revealing that Washington continued to monitor Mandela as a potential Communist menace.

Trump, after Helsinki summit, says he has confidence in US intelligence

US lawmakers roundly condemned Trump for his comments at a news conference with Putin where he cast doubt on his own intelligence agencies' findings that Russia meddled with the 2016 US presidential election.