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Trump ‘not thrilled’ with strong US dollar, says it hurts manufacturing

The latest outburst comes amid the escalating trade war with China while appearing to edge closer towards a currency war.

Philippine central bank cuts interest rate as economy slows

The Philippines is following the likes of India, New Zealand and Thailand in cutting interest rates.

Asia surprises with cuts in global race to monetary bottom

Policymakers are taking bolder steps to bolster their economies as escalating US-China trade tensions threaten to worsen global growth and currency battles roil financial markets.

Ringgit rises 0.35% against the US dollar at opening

The ringgit rises today against the American dollar as the US Federal Reserve keeps its interest rate steady.

Interest rate remains but cuts later in the year is stronger,...

Right now, the US economy is at or close to full employment, growing at a satisfactory rate, with inflation close to the Fed’s target of 2%.

India cuts rate to 9-year low and signals more easing ahead

India’s central bank cut its benchmark interest rate for a third straight time this year and paved the way for more policy easing to support an economy growing at the slowest pace since 2014.

Pensioners’ fund was reluctant to give 2nd RM2 bil loan to...

KWAP suggested a higher interest rate of 4.6% but the deal went through as it was a government-guaranteed loan, says its former vice-president.

Rate cut may not save ringgit bond rally as index outflow...

Potential removal from world bond index continues to raise concerns

Bank Indonesia chief says rate is on hold amid global risks

Bank Indonesia has kept its key rate unchanged following 175 basis points of hikes between May and November last year to counter an emerging market sell-off.

US Fed due to meet, no rate hike expected

Fed policymakers are likely once again to lower the number of rate hikes they expect this year.

BNM likely to keep interest rates amid disinflation pressure

What to expect in Bank Negara policy statement today.

Goldman holds against pushback on its dollar-short call

The Goldman Sachs Group are staying strong with their opinion on shorting the dollar, accounting for the Federal Reserve’s pivot away from steady gradual increases in the benchmark interest rate.

Gold holds steady on global growth concerns

Investors are looking ahead to trade talks between Beijing and Washington this week with a delegation of US officials travelling to China for the next round of negotiations.

China may cut rates today, says economist who called 2014 move

The central bank has added liquidity through 5 cuts to the reserve-requirement ratio since early 2018.

JPMorgan sees Gulf bond sales slipping as rates, volatility rise

Prospective issuers may turn to bank loans for funding if bond-market volatility increases.

Bursa Malaysia opens 0.4% lower on bearish market sentiment

Market sentiment is dominated by worries that the Federal Reserve would continue raising interest rates and running down its balance sheet.

5 tips to clear multiple credit card debts

Whether it's paying the minimum on your cards or clearing past dues, there are wise ways to settling your debts and preventing more from piling up.

Foreign selling to continue until year-end

Despite constant foreign nett inflow, seen in recent months, Inter-Pacific Research Sdn Bhd says selling activities outweighed buying activities.

Putin’s government said to fume after first rate hike since 2014

With the Bank of Russia anxious not to repeat its missteps in handling a currency crisis four years ago, the surprise move betrayed signs of panic.

BoE to keep rates steady after August rise

BoE raised interest rates in August because it believed the economy was running close to full capacity, which risks causing inflation to continue overshooting its 2% target even once the effect of sterling weakness has faded.

BOJ’s Kuroda: no rate hike ‘for an extended time’

The BOJ pledged to keep interest rates "extremely low" for an extended period and adjusted policy so it could buy stocks and bonds more flexibly.

Indonesia fights Turkey contagion with surprise rate hike

Governor Perry Warjiyo reiterated the central bank’s pledge to remain pro-active and said the move was aimed at bolstering financial markets and curbing the current-account gap.

New Bank Negara chief has reason to turn more dovish

The axing of the GST means inflation will probably remain low, enabling Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus to dial back some of the hawkishness of her predecessor.

Bank of England keeps rate unchanged as Haldane supports hike

The Monetary Policy Committee held bank rate at 0.5%, as predicted by all 61 economists in a Bloomberg survey.