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Tag: intermittent fasting

Berkesankah cara diet ‘Intermittent Fasting?’

Semua wanita ingin kelihatan kurus dan cantik, maka perlu ada perancangan bagaimana untuk mencapai sasaran tersebut.

Part 5: Intermittent fasting – Tips on getting the best results

Learn how to fight hunger and break a 16-hour fast the right way.

Part 4: Intermittent fasting – what are the alternatives?

If sticking to fasting every day for 16 hours isn't for you, try fasting only twice a week, or every other month.

Part 3: Intermittent fasting – 16:8 for those who like routine

This is great if you observe a regular lifestyle and routine as you can eat through an eight-hour window in your day, and fast for 16.

Part 1: Intermittent fasting – yay or nay?

It requires the proper knowledge and discipline to practise intermittent fasting.