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Tag: International Court of Justice

Pakistan to take Kashmir dispute with India to World Court

Pakistan says the case will centre on alleged human rights violations by India in Muslim-majority Kashmir.

Japan mulls taking S.Korea wartime labour dispute to ICJ

The issue of compensation for South Koreans' labour during Japan's 1910-45 occupation of the Korean peninsula has soured relations between the two.

US in new global court showdown with Iran

Iran won a shock victory last week when the ICJ ruled that the US must lift sanctions against Tehran targeting humanitarian goods like food and medicine.

US criticises Serb vote to overturn Srebrenica massacre report

Serb Republic lawmakers' vote to revoke the 2004 report was initiated by the region's nationalist President Milorad Dodik to mobilise voters around the nationalist agenda ahead of October elections.

Iran lodges complaint against US over renewed sanctions

It's imperative to counter the US' habit of violating (international) law, including contempt for diplomacy and legal obligations.

United Arab Emirates asks World Court to dismiss Qatar discrimination suit

Qatar filed a suit earlier this month at the World Court alleging that the UAE discriminated against its citizens.

Belize sets date for vote on Guatemala border dispute

The vote on sending a border dispute with Guatemala to the ICJ will be held on April 10, 2019.

Guatemala votes to ask UN court to resolve Belize border dispute

The border conflict between the two countries dates back to the 18th century.

Bolivia’s Morales in The Hague to petition World Court over Chile...

Bolivian President Evo Morales wants the World Court to require Chile to grant it access to the Atlantic Ocean.

Hisham told not to brush aside Philippines’ claim on Sabah

Loretto Padua Jr of Warisan says Defence Minister must seek a permanent solution to the territorial claim and not say threat of Islamic State is more important.

Pedra Branca: Singapore to oppose Malaysia’s application

Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs says Court of Justice’s judgment is clear and unambiguous, and Malaysia’s request for the ICJ to interpret the Judgment is puzzling.

Evidence filed by Malaysia over Pedra Branca revealed

Malaysia has filed documents, giving three reasons, at the International Court of Justice to reverse a decision that the rocky outcrop belongs to Singapore.