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Tag: International Monetary Fund

Lagarde trails prior ECB presidents in winning over EU lawmakers

Christine Lagarde's nomination for the ECB presidential post was opposed by eleven members of Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.

IMF pledges support for Argentina after its return to currency controls

The Argentine central bank is now authorised to restrict purchases of dollars as it burns through its reserves in an effort to prop up the peso.

It’s not working, IMF says to Trump

With the IMF warning that his trade war is slowing global growth and as recession alarm bells ring, US President Donald Trump doubles down on his attacks on the Federal Reserve and on China.

IMF rumours may be the scare South Africa needs

The threat of an International Monetary Fund bailout, unthinkable a few years ago, may force South Africa’s government to push through the reforms it needs to rescue the economy.

IMF’s latest victims

The fund suffers from a lack of accountability that permeates the institution’s bureaucracy right up to the very top.

Madagascar gets US$44 million installment from IMF to boost growth

The objective is to support the country’s efforts to 'reinforce macroeconomic stability and boost sustained and inclusive growth.'

ECB chief Draghi ‘not available’ to lead IMF

He adds that he was 'very honoured' that his name should have come up as a possible candidate.

IMF downgrades world growth, warns of ‘precarious’ 2020

The IMF urge countries to avoid using tariffs to resolve their differences.

Lagarde resigns as IMF chief, cites more clarity on ECB post

Christine Lagarde says her resignation would speed up the selection of her successor.

IMF lowers Singapore’s 2019 economic growth outlook

The IMF sees Singapore’s economic growth slowing to 2% in 2019 as global trade tensions hurt external demand.

Europe needs to find candidate to head IMF

Traditionally the Washington-based IMF has been led by a European, while its sister institution the World Bank has been run by an American.

US economy reigns supreme but IMF warns of growing risks

The IMF forecasts US growth this year to 2.6%, three-tenths higher than it predicted in April, while growth in 2020 is seen slowing to just under 2%.

IMF to warn Italy’s debt poses major risk to euro zone...

IMF believes Italy's debt is indeed a major risk to the euro zone economy alongside global trade tensions and Brexit.

IMF chief says US-China tensions ‘threat’ to world economy

Both the US and China have been locked in talks to resolve tensions that have seen both of them impose tariffs on goods worth US$360 billion.

China agrees to Congo’s debt restructuring

The agreement to restructure Congo's debt is one of the preconditions set by the International Monetary Fund before a bailout is granted.

IMF chief says Brexit delay avoids ‘terrible outcome’

The three years since the June 2016 UK referendum to leave the EU have weighed most heavily on Britain.

IMF: China right to aim to boost consumption

In response to slowing growth amid the trade friction with the US, policymakers said they would lower taxes, reduce fees and streamline red tape.

IMF chief says ready to support Pakistan after meeting PM Khan

Forecasts by the IMF and World Bank suggest the Pakistani economy is likely to grow between 4% and 4.5% for the fiscal year ending June 2019, compared to 5.8% growth in the last fiscal year.

Pakistan premier Khan to meet IMF chief Lagarde for talks on...

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry says Khan will meet IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on the sidelines of the World Government Summit in Dubai.

IMF bumps up Argentina bailout package to US$57 billion

NEW YORK: The International Monetary Fund agreed on Wednesday to boost its crisis loan package aimed at restoring confidence in Argentina's struggling economy by...

Indonesia wins IMF backing for response to emerging market rout

Bank Indonesia has been the most aggressive of the central banks in Asia, raising interest rates four times by a total of 1.25 percentage points and draining foreign reserves by almost 10% this year.

US will not block Islamabad if it seeks IMF bailout, says...

Islamabad denies aiding insurgents in Afghanistan and lashed out against Trump's remarks, which were followed up by Washington suspending US military aid.

Argentina confident about new deal with IMF, peso rises

The news report sends Argentina's bond prices higher and helped Argentina's Merval stock index close 4% higher.

IMF urges New Zealand to reconsider ban on foreigners’ home ownership

Foreign ownership has attracted criticism in recent years as New Zealand grapples with a housing crisis that has seen average prices in the main city of Auckland almost double in the past decade and rise more than 60% nationwide.